Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bad Earth (with Notes following)

We ride waves of
We surrender as slaves
There is no option.
Just a shallow notion.
Death to mediocrity.

Let's all breath
Show our teeth.
Let the sidewalks bleed
Leave the wanters
wanting needs.

This shadow of a shadow
Becomes  feet deep.
A moment on occasion
With a brief explaination.

The Bad Earth don't stop.
It has no master
Delivering a disaster
Opposition becomes
In the Crow market
With a bloody rocket.

Relearn how to Seethe 
Within a broken scene.
A ripped off sleeve
Making you a king.

Retake what has been lost.
'Be Your Own a Boss'
The system is lost.
There was no beginning
And you can't see the end
Bad earth will rise again.

A simple solution
To a cursed pollution.
The wish is best
Served cold with
A moment of rest.

Bring back
Bring back
The unused track
In a burlap sack
With a free dream
As odd as it seems
And let the chorus of razors
Speak for us again
Represent our hearts
As we push 
the button to start.
The button to start
The button to start...
Something that's nothing
Is still something.
Still something.

NOTES: 'Bad Earth' was a reason that a non-Nick Knox member of The Vibrators used as an explanation for a microphone shocking Julie Social as she sang. Theice gentleman took it upon himself to solve the irritating problem. This poem is about that particular night at a Sudsy Malones before the University of Cincinnati ruined Short Vine.