Saturday, September 13, 2014

The ALL-NEW Atrocity Exhibition

I was bothered to say the least and even though Dayton area podcasteer Izzy Rock had posted on his wall the link to a video that consisted of the gruesome beheading of four women by Mexican drug cartels. Izzy himself issued proclamation that he didn't watch the video but knew already how bad things were was the smart thing to do. It was also the strongest thing he, or anyone else could do.
Me? I was week... after the recent video beheading of journalist by Islamic fundamentalist I will admit, I searched an uncomfortable amount of time On the web that I'm willing to admit, searching for those videos. I was never 'lucky' enough to find them.

So when an opportunity to watch the Mexican Drug Cartels, a group of people known for their harsh brutality, I watched as four women were degraded, made to say something that was in Spanish and unknown to me and butted in the head repeatedly with the gun barrels of automatic weapons speared into their heads. Suddenly, and without warning, the women are grabbed and beheaded partway with smaller knives leading the way for an axe-man to finish what the knife couldn't do; sever the spinal column of each victim.

I learned my lesson. I seen enough and for what it's worth, I felt awful. As if the act itself wasn't enough, the blog that posited this video* accompanied by a similar rant that you just read was an ad sponsored blog... Some of you may have noticed that adverts are now on Thwart... I'm rethinking that after seeing this video on that blog. Below the video, in a overly 'healthy' dose of irony, truly, made my heart hurt...

There was an advertisement for Bounty Paper Towels... 'The Quicker a Picker-Upper' 

Of all the battles and causes the United States takes up and puts on their shoulders...Of all the enemies faced, sometimes, a threat in someones back yard is overlooked. Whatever may become of Boko-Haram, ISIS/ISIL, Hamas, Hezbolah, Ukraine, South Sudan or any other hot-spot around the world I'm forgetting, save some bombs for the cartels!

Below, You will find screen captures from the blog where I initially watched the video. I was hoping to recapture the video with the Bounty advert which I failed in accomplishing... however, OTHER ads had similar ironic, even a Situationist-feel. Truth is Sicker than Fiction.

* No, I won't share the Blog site address even though despite my efforts, You can probably get closer or find the initial site for the video (I learned my lesson) I took it no farther.