Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Live The Good Life with John The Conqueror

John  The Conqurer
"The Good Life"

Taking their name from a slave folklore or a magical root that looks like testicles when dried, there is no John in John The Conqueror (JtC), this neo-blues rhythm and soul band hails from thePhiladelphia River Delta by way of the Mississipi Delta... All blues is influenced by the ol' muddy missisip and it's river delta-ending right? Whereas it is unknown if Philly has a muddy river or river delta or even some form of Mississipi type juke joints---that's all redundant. The Good Life, JtC's first fully debut, is charged with blues influence soul themes of desperate, agonizing tearful moments of a well mapped life transferred and delivered in song form-- the uncomfortable regular same ol' same ol'* that that epitomizes 'the blues' and it's fans. Though having upbeat moments of empowerment, let's not forget to laugh. Clearly, it's us vs. them and we need anthems during this pivotal time of 'Spring' Revolutions and the burgeoning independence from terror that is spreading world-wide. Raise your double rye shots and light up some good smoke. It gets no better in the end than in the beginning or so sez High John The Conqueror. 


RIYL: Alabama Shakes, Buffalo Killers, Cousin, contemporary rhythm & blues,

MFJD: "Get'em"

Referred by: Zach Gabbard

*= S.O.S.O