Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cold War Learnings (Treatise)

(Thank you Ronald Regan)

I wish... Oh, how I can wish so hard sometimes... I wish I could start this whole treatise off in a better way than I am, but a line is a line and if I get anything out of growing up during the inspirational closing days of The Cold War (aka 'The Reagan Eighties') which were also the formative pre-War on Terror Years (How do YOU spell 'Good Times'?). You do something stupid, like draw an invisable line across The Gulf of Sidra or a line in the desert daring someone to cross it, you are issuing an ultimatum. Something that will eventually be put to the test. Your boundary, your precious  line, will be crossed by someone, sometime, somehow. Ronald Reagan taught me that during the1986 US bombing of Libya. Momar drew the line, Rotten Ronnie and his boys crossed it. 

Lives were lost... Compounds were bombed and shit got fucky for a bit but Ronnie did exactly what Ol' Momar dared him to. He challenged the dare and taught hm a lesson. A lesson that has been with me ever since. 

The United States is a melting pot of many different peoples from every part of the world (blah-blah or some shit lke that). The main priciple of being a citizen is learning about the illusion of opportunity. Yes, there are many success stories about immigrants arriving  with nothing and striking it rich like Tony Montana in Scarface but these success stories are a vast minority compared to the US population as a whole.

The US is a country with a passive-aggressive chip on its shoulder as a whole. Nothing pisses an American off more than to tell them they cant do something. Its inherit to us to push boundaries and cross lines. Someone tells us we cant do something? How dare you! This is America! We have freedoms around here... Watch this! 

Then again, maybe its just the illusion of free speech that clouds our mind and blinds our eyes. After all, if a person or group of people are not allowed to protest openly and voice their disdain for whatever subject, the US may not easily know who is on their side of the line... 

Dont worry though... The Bombs only show us how much we care. A gage of our beliefs, love and passion.

America has a bullet with your name on it. Sign on the dotted line and close your eyes.

Wait for it...

Wait for it...


If you are interestesd, I have 1" badges of tge Regan asterisk image Im willing to share if you send me a self-addressed stamp envelope. Send me an e-Mail for particulars shawnabnoxious@gmail(dot)com