Monday, February 3, 2014

Nawfuck Gives Up Another Winner


The Bottle Babies "S/T"
Hailing from Virginias tidewater region, specifically 'Nawfuck'  is The Bottle Babies. Delivering five fresh sleeze R-N-R jams centering on the familiar, but always fresh sex, drugs and rock and roll themes, this is a justified follow-up to their Born On A Bender (see below). Noticeable in the early listens is an underlined punk rawness to one guitar sound and a tasteful hard-hitting exuberance to the other... Rock and/or roll is meant to rage and these five songs bring the vengeance. There's clear evidence of a cheap rye whiskey soaked doom-urgency to the vocals... The dedicated vocalist that I would discuss and establish the Theory of the Endangered RNR 'Frontman' is well received. Throaty Slurred dragging vox from verse to verse---you are convinced that the end is terminal-- lived  out note by note... Day to day... On a need-to-know one step in front of another basis.  Blasting like a mix of LAMF Thunders and good ol' late 90's garage-punk ala The Motards. The Bottle Babies convinced me that whereas the end isn't just near, but you may need a lil' push to be fully committed on the suicide-ride over the edge and The Bottle Babies just may be the band to proudly do it.

RIYL: Garage-Punk. Bottom shelf whiskey. Candy Snatchers. Great Dismal Swamis.

MFJD: Do You Wanna

Scouting thanks to Gunther 8544

DL their 11song debut Born On A Bender