Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Night Divided-Unspoken Word

A stripped down version of Unspoken Word was a welcomed gem received H2H (hand to hand) from guitarist Mike Fair (Slow Blind Corners/Crambone) at the second Northside Record Fair. Used in promotion of an appearence at Rakes End, Unspoken Word quickly won me over during initial listens. The Night Divided are a newish Greater Cincinnati based three-piece that, as I said before, features longtime contributor to the local scene Mike Fair (guitar/backing vocals) as well as Jamie Taylor (drums) and Carla Cherry (bass & vocals) .I have always been a fan of Mike as a guitarist and singer and on Unspoken Word you get a refocused guitar action-figure version of Mike (with Kung-fu battle grip) who absolutely rages and propels the five tracks on Unspoken Word track after track, into a perfect crescendo of spite. Verily-berrily good stuff. Unspoken Word  lays down a bed of angular neoteric rhythms reminding me of something that I would have reviewed in the early 00's. The fresh angular-jerk sound of Unspoken Word serves to couple and accent the forward snide fem vox directly linked with  precise bass rumblings and drumming dynamics. The result is a scathing, sheer-punk fuck-off attitude in ample proportions. Unspoken Word has purpose and focus-- an emerging manifestos soundtrack. Abruptly released in December 2013, if you order a Limited Edition physical copy it's delivered in a folded case with hand-stamped artwork. The Limited Edition version also ties into the bandcamp application someway or other. Unspoken Word is a solid debut that affirms their place in the modern 2014 Greater Cincinnati scene and is definitely a band to watch in this next year. A little momentum goes a long way. You just wait and see.


RIYL: Pretty Girls Make Graves, The Sounds, Metric, Selby Tigers
MFJD: "The Blood Between Us"

Video from The Northside Tavern with great duo-vox