Saturday, February 1, 2014

Two Skunks for Valentines Day by Mike Faloon

Two Skunks for Valentines Day
By Mike Faloon
Two Skunks chronicles Mike's quest to attend something called Awesome Fest 6. Imagine a Fear & Loathing except without mescaline and lizards... Mike expertly conveys the riddle that is the base appreciation of punk-rock music. If you read this and don't  'get it' then you probably never will. This zine is a 'blueprint' for a larger project in the works so it's good to get on board the early flight and see where it's taking you. Upon receiving this I quickly ingested it and felt guilty putting it down to monitor other projects including this blog. 

Favorite Sentence: "The AC drones on."

Also by Mike: Go Metric (Zine), The Hanging Gardens of Split Rock (Stories & Essays), Zisk Zine (Baseball)


RIYL: the writings of Josh Rutledge, Gunther 8544 and Hunter S. Thompson,