Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Tigerlilies- In The Dark (CD, 2013/14)

The Tigerlilies are one band in the  Cincinnati underground scene has that has seemed to live on the edge of something bigger--a little bit out of their reach (like many other bands) for quite sometime. That also means that they have  been not only under-acknowledged and under-appreciated on a greater scale (or is that just me and my errors) but they are still hammering away and playing shows on a regular basis. On their own terms. That is admirble.

It seems like ever since I wasn't old enough to be getting into 21+ vnues, that The Tigerlilies were always here... There... Around... One of those bands on the periphery--not only poised and ready but active and determined, In The Dark represents yet another step in the right direction. No one said it was gonna be easy so maybe a redefining of what 'success' actually is would yield what a success could be? Hammering out shows and releases on a continual basis--despite what obstacles or feats of endurance 'the industry' or life throw at you, is quite the success right? In The Dark is another stab-back against the brooding enemy AND ally called rock and/or roll. Mama told you not to come... Sometimes, it dosent matter how hard you fight that is a measure of your ability, worth or standing, but how hard 'they', 'it' or whatever fights against you.

The Tigerlilies past cataloge exhibits one great jam after another and on In The Dark, it's the same success story. It's a collection of attacks with keen well placed energy bringing upbeat bouncy rock-rhythms to the forefront as-if  from another time when Indie-pop was called Alternative or college rock, modern rock or however it's remembered. The Tigerlilies
 pull from bands like The Shoes or Material Issues  power-pop sound as a base augmenting itself with T.Rex-like glam sources equally and masterfully.  (i.e. "20th Century Boy"). These songs are catchy and infective hum-a-longers. Nods all around to the total release as a whole. Expertly produced, designed and packaged, In The Dark is another album of songs that deserve attention still, again and now.

RIYL: Material Issue, Power-pop, The Shoes, Early. 90's 'College' Radio (Alternative), Glam Rock, 97X

MFJD (My fuckin' jam(s) Dude): Green Eyes