Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Zero Boys + Gang Green + SS-20 +1 @ SGHR 07/12/13

In the same way Peter Frampton was living locally and declared semi-local (until his abrupt move away aka divorce) GANG GREEN is now a semi-local band. At this show you can expect to see a all-new revamped local line up for GANG GREEN, Local scene stalwarts SS-20 and LEGBONE supporting the infamous ZERO BOYS from Indiana giving it another go because Civilization is Dying... its not dead yet. There's still work to do! Come see the old dudes that influenced a new generation of dudes that are old... I even hear there is gonna be at least one surprise guest vocalist... For you to find out on THWART just would do the surprise justice it deserves*

*it's Ed Pittman from Toxic Reasons!!!