Monday, July 8, 2013

Montgomery Inn (Timeline of Protest)

The Original Image
2:40 pm (via fb messenger)

Dear Shawn Abnoxious,

I'm contacting you on behalf of Montgomery Inn.

While the use of our logo is quite flattering, it is a registered trademark that we diligently protect. That being said, we would like for you to remove any and all likenesses and/or references to our Logo and Trade Name. Thanks for your cooperation, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

X-1* (Acting for Montgomery Inn)

5:48 pm (via fb messenger)

Dear X-1,
It's my beard isn't it? I trimmed my burly beard up and don't look so much like that Greek God of BBQ that is currently on your logo... Want me to send you a new picture to prove this?
I had no bad intentions in doing what I done. Skyline, Subway and Krispy Kreme didnt have anything to say about it. In fact its borderline endorsement cause, for some reason, everyone tends to like Montgomery Inn and said nothing but positive things on the comments connected to that picture (did you see that?). I have yet to understand the BIG deal because your food is too expensive for a 99% to eat. Maybe even over-rated. I will probably never know.

This Image replaced the image taken down.
Anywho... I have complied to your wishes... Taken down the trademarked image and hereby OFFICIALLY declare Montgomery Inn NO FUN.

The Replacement Image

Have a good day.
Shawn Abnoxious



X-1 sends 'Friend Request' on FB. I changed profile settings on FB to block them and other non-friends from seeing my post. The nerve.


7:04 PM (via fb messenger)

fun story that perpetuates how small of a city Cincinnati is - my mom was the one who had to ask you to take down the Montgomery inn logo. she wants me to assure you that it was totally beyond her control, and if it was her choice she'd have kept it - she called it incredibly awesome. so only the big wig suits are no fun, it seems - ha!

(My Response seen on 07/02/13) 

No hard feelings or anything. Stuff like that helps me. Art is meant to agitate and push boundaries... To expose boundaries... Then to push pass those boundaries. Incidentally, I found those boundaries with Montgomery Inn. Sometimes you bite the beast and other times the beast bites back. The question here is who is who is the beast biting and who is the beast biting back? Its not about WHAT you actually say many times its about what you DON'T say. Let me reiterate again, I'm not mad at you or your mom. People gotta do what they think is right. Jobs are hard to come-by... Its always a bonus in most work situations to be noticed and acknowledged by their superiors... I was taught by my superiors to ELEVATE myself by elevating others not by throwing others under the bus. Read this to your mom... The whole thing... KEEP YOUR WORD-HOLE SHUT WHEN IT COMES TO ART! DON'T GIVE 'THEM' CONTROL! Those big wigs are big wigs for a reason. You don't get rich in a democratic oligarchy with a capitalist dipping sauce without being a collaborator


07/02/13 (Time Unknown)

In an ongoing/in-process e-mail interview with HALF-GIFTS Zine/Blog I am asked to comment on this situation which i did, but felt as if the issue wasn't dead yet.


This Blog post is published. So maybe it is a ‘dead issue’ after all. Time will tell.


*Real Names Omitted
*X-2 is related to X-1... Which is apparently how my profile image was leaked to Montgomery Inn bigwigs. X-2 is a Facebook "friend"