Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Breighton Autonomous Zone Succession Movement as Realized (Notes 07/02/13)

Just  a few surviving notes fro 06/02/13 at Rakes End.

1) Here I am stepping out of my comfort zone to read poetry in a place that I never read poetry before. Oh, wait... I read poetry on the sidewalk (aloud, for the mass) but not inside the place...

2) Lots of unfamiliar faces... with Ryan/Lazy D being the common denominator. its always great leaving with more friends than originally arriving with.

3) Graffiti tag behind lonely wall where $28 Motel use to sit. DARK REIGN in blue/yellow. White Castle may own this 'zone' now. Is some sorts of Central Parkway renaissance been in acted to de-danger this particular slice of Cincinnati Hillside? Thwart hereby calls for The Breighton Zone to secede from society and be declared an Autonomous Zone.

4) Remember, reading poetry means less heavy amps to move around.

5) While IDIOT HEATHENS sound-checked, The bassist dropped their leaning bass. SLAM! Bwongggg! It hit the ground hard. "Ouch... That's gonna need to be tuned-up again" Overheard from the bassist they reply "I never tune my bass." Nuff' said!

5a) Idiot Heathens gather for their performance. Surrounded by small amps and many pedals.... They adorn the floor for easier access to noise making pedal surfing. They played four songs, with the last one being improvisational. Sounded good... The bass turned into a percussion instrument after their first song. Turned horizontally on the bassist lap, it sounded appropriate. Sounding like a mix of Butthole Surfers and Jesus and The Mary Chain other times, I thought this was a touring band stopping thru but it wasn't. They're from Cincinnati. 

6) There's a Revolution of Sound & Understanding in Cincinnati... more specifically Brighton Zone with Rakes End as its Capitol. No empire last forever but let's Make it or brake it while we can.
Stretched Across the Tracks cover art

6a) The use of 'We' is possessive.

7) Before noting and documentation gave way to a stuporous consumption of a chunk from a 'gritty brownie' and all its associative expansion/expressive side-effects, Folk-Punk STRETCHED ACROSS THE TRACKS of which hailed from Detroit is keeping the true spirit of disenchantment alive with a kick drum suitcase, banjo, harmonica and loud-speaker. Somewhere Woody Guthrie is smiling. Offering a deck of playing cards as merch... Yeah, he actually designed and had manufactured actual decks of cards! Stretched is a prime example of the sorts of innovation and assurance that makes a place like Rakes End such a dangerous place.

8) This show was billed as a Rap, Punk, Noise, Doom Hybrid Project... A genre mish-mash hodgepodge... So I'm not sure which performers were which but the rest of the night was populated mostly by rap/Hip Hop acts including strong performances by 20CC's who busted out a spirited performance with drink in hand and blowing away any version of a digital track on souundcloud could provide. A 'minimal' beats and vocals approach tends to hit the spot more so than the recorded stuff of 20CC's and similar acts.

8a) I will freely admit, I was skeptical about LAZY ASS DESTROYER. Ryan (Lazy D) id from the longtime Cincy punk band The Wankers. Now he has blended the ethics and style of punk-rock aesthetics and is spreading the disease. Whether you start in the punk scene or are just visiting, the punk-rock creed infects you (if you do it right) and it stays with you. "Here, have a pin" Ryan tells me "I made a bunch f these up and I hand them to most people in the hip-hop scene and they say "What the fuck is this?" Punk-Rock is irreversible. Take some time to check out Lazy Ass Destroyer's CD that features famed Cincinnati punk-rocker and scene stalwart Krusty.

8b) Since my 'resurgence' into my local scene, I have seen multiple sub-scenes of different types but they all have at least one thing in common. The Punk-Rock DIY attitude which always works.

9) So, on the ride home I decided that A CERTAIN RATIO's "The Graveyard and The Ballroom" is masterful... "Genotype/Phenotype" gets turned up all the way. Forgetting how a stereo works isn't such a big deal when you make it back to your driveway.

10) Valuable Links: