Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Miney Mo “Relax, Citizen” USB/DL (Review and Release Show)

Please Note: This cover is GREAT!

Well burn down this city with Rock and Roll”

Wow. I need a minute… There… This, Relax, Citizen! Is amazing!!! Ten downloadable songs or USB drive format. This is what it’s all about! This being the innovative packaging of the USB drive, great catchy songs building a stromg foundation of bass, drum and layered ‘sound’ heavy songs adding sparse electronics as keyboards and catchy sing-a-long backing vocals as accents in the no mans zone in-between the mighty Rock kingdoms of Queens of The Stone Age, The Pixies/Black Frances/Frank Black and The White Stripes with the attitude of The Dead Milkmen and Butthole Surfers. Locally there are similarities with LeTechnopussies (Jamie T. is in Miney Mo) with nods to older Dayton acts The Esoterics and Lost Marble Collection. The songs are well produced, well written, This release, these songs are clever and that is something that just doesn’t get said enough because verily few examples exist. Not many people could sing songs like “Empty Vagina” and “Shake That Ass” and not make it seem one bit dirty, but also makes it 110% real. Making ‘real’ more REAL than ‘real’. Is Relax, Citizen! A release steeped in cryptic allegory saying one thing in a place of another to get a hidden meaning expose through sound? I don’t think so but what is the deeper meaning behind a song like “Radiator”? There are deeper meanings here, definitely. Secret attacks upon society and its standards. Walking with you, shoulder to shoulder, next to you in medical building elevators, behind you in like at McDonalds… Crossing a busy street on a busy road not anywhere near a crosswalk… Miney Mo is there, a pocket of resistance. The ones of type that surveillance cameras are installed for. Sometimes the simplest actions become passionate crimes. It is all about how society defines crimes. Yeah, you know what I’m saying. We are all criminals to one degree or another and that’s a good thing. Cincinnati, creatively, is such a great place. If you are one of those people that dig what Phoul Phill andt Guill have been doing, then get onboard the Miney Mo streetcar. The mind-expansion is heading straight for you. You will be killed, or welcomed aboard. That’s your choice.

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See Miney Mo with Darkhearts and Culture Queer Saturday, July 20th at 
In The Breighton Autonomous Zone 
Rakes End 2141 Central Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio. 45214