Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Day I Became A Scum-Bag Record Collector

Today is June 19th, 2013.

It’s almost like a scene out of a movie… Like in Mutiny on the Bounty (sorta) when the officers are overtaken by Mad Max and set afloat with his loyal Cabin Boys and such in a life raft… I get thirsty just thinking about it.

In my last blog post I wrote how a numbered few of my coveted records from a label that I really liked turned up completely missing when it came around to re-organizing efforts. I had no one to blame except (ultimately) myself. Military strategist warn against opening up a two-fronted war… For a time the records that are now unified in one place were, at one time split between two residences. 

One was my ‘home’ and the other was where my then girlfriend turned fiancĂ©e turned wife lived. A safe American Syburb just north of Cincinnati, Ohio. A town called Fairfield.

Slowly, piece-by-piece I brought some records out to where she lived (which is now where we both live.) The collection was unified in 2007-ish when my Mom and Dad moved [back] to 'Down Home’ (that’s what country folk from Kentuckee call their homesteads*) I officially moved in. Fairfield Ohio was ‘home’ even though since moving around several times during High School I was left with a weird, constant feeling that still exist with me today, uneasiness despite my stagnation here in Fairfield since 1990. Fairfield just doesn’t feel like home…

So, my I’m 40 Now Record Re-organizing Blitzkrieg (Weird phenomenon I noticed when researching methods of LP storage; a common denominator was blogs written by a38-43 year olds) turns from LP to 7”s to eventually CD's. The same CD’s that I packed away in four very large boxes when Olive was born thinking that they would soon be re-organized to two holders from target that I never got… So, 
thanks to Ikea, two fancy-dancy holders holding a combined 360 were bought, assembled and filled. 

Despite a very loose culling of CD’s into a ‘will take to Shake It Records’ pile that I know someday I will regret) I narrowed down keeper music to about 723 units… Which would be just a bit above the 720 mark that purchasing two more similar holders would allow. This was unacceptable. I needed some room to grow and the trimming down to 723 allowed no room for growth. So, another culling was done bringing down the total to approx. 680 units.

Yeah, good for me I suppose. Like I said, one day I will ultimately regret doing this…

So further fiddling into pre-2007 boxes revealed to me a cassette dub of the missing one sider 7” Rip Off Records! Even I was starting to question if I in fact, actually had the records… So, at least there was something good that came about all of this. No, not all my missing records are on the tape… But many are. Registrators (TV Hell and MONKEY) The Motards (!), The Cryin’ Out Louds, Loli + the Chones, Teengenerate… Chinese Millionaires, Young Losers… The amazing Spastics who, I personally think, blown any other Rip off ‘band’ away (including Registrators)… Some justice has been served in this shit-hole called ‘record collecting’ even though I have never considered myself a ‘collector’. I’m a punk-rock music enthusiast (and a victim of semantics).

Either way, I’m not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth. I’m gonna put that tape in and listen loudly.

“Maybe you will find those missing records in one of your boxes someday” Julie said… 

“Sure. Maybe. Maybe Not” I responded throwing my hands up acting like I didn’t care.

Well... shit! 

I guess I am a record collector scum-bag after all. 

Fuck me.

*No, I didn’t spell Kentuckee wrong. It’s the traditional, native way)