Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mardou Gives an Old Man Hope. (Review)

There was a time when this band was just one guy trying to make it work. Well, he made it work and this new DL-EP proves it. Building the band piece-by-piece, moment-by-moment, show-by-show Mardou found its niche... its spot in the Cincinnati underground music scene. If this was February of 1996 I would have forwent all the writing I did for The Neus Subjex to embed myself in this band and write about them and only them for the next 17 years. Mardou is that interesting. This DL contains four songs. Post-Punk isn’t a bad word(s) to me... its an accurate description of a sound and time. Dare I say? Of course  dare!!

I haven’t heard rocking this hard from a Cincinnati post-punk band since 1000 Arms... Shit, I’m veering of topic (or am I?). Like I said, this DL-EP is four songs that includes the phenomenal 'Bounty Hunter" and equally impressive "Dirty Streets" (which instantly reminds e of my favorite Cincinnati Zone, Brighton) both these songs rage like none other. Raise your fist in approval. Rebellion by sound, bit-by-bit. These Dirty Streets are OURS! I have a hard time picking which I like more... So I will just leave it at that. "Rimbaud" and "Margaret" take a slight turn from the B-52's/Joy Division/Factory Records sound from the other two and bring some emotive shoe-gazer elements to the front. No, they are not "weak" songs by any means, they are just songs that show a range. like New order progression vs. Joy Division. Gunther 8544 was right. This stuff is amazing and requires multiple back-to-back listens.

Since letting myself 're-discover' the Cincinnati scene and documenting that here, on THWART, I have been verily impressed. Homemade Drugs, Dinosaurs & Thunder, Old City* and Mardou... These bands are a treat. These bands are a sound. These bands are Cincinnati and Cincinnati is these bands.

I'm just glad they let an old man like myself listen with the one good ear I have left. That means there is still one ear to kill. 

Kill it.

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Please Note: This DL is available from bandcamp as a Name Your Own Price DL.

*even though this band is stocked to the brim with fellow 'Old Men' I acknowledge them in this grouping of bands giving this city a soundtrack