Saturday, June 15, 2013

Yet More Personal Stuff Relating to War (treatise)

 "It's war I tell'ya!"

There are casualties in any war and it would be appropriately so that war isn’t fair. Chess, a game that makes me feel stupid when I play it (so I don’t play it) teaches sacrifice of your 'pawns' to set up bigger captures for better pieces... I feel as though I didn’t lose a pawn... I lost the whole Queens side of the good pieces.

The Queen, Bishop, Knight and Rook.

War provides no guarantee of survival or winning. No matter how well you think your army is trained or the size of your army and effectiveness of its weapons... Defeat is always possible. Victory is always the end result of any party entering every war but no matter what they say, victory is still something you have to fight for.

After a blitzkrieg of a week calculating how to store, display and rekindle my record collection I get closer and closer to being done when I realize that a large chunk of my Rip Off Records collection AND my prized collection of Registrators 7"s are gone without a trace.

I swear, you must believe me when I say that had NEARLY all the Rip Off Records one-sided 7"s had LPs up to about their 30th (or so) release... During my stint at BLANK GENERATION (2000-2003) Greg Lowery accused me (via E-mail) of a passive dig against The Infections (or Zodiac Killers-same thing) when they played Wisconsin that hit me hard and caused me to swear off ever buying another Rip Off release.

The way I figure it, I’m missing a whole mini-crate of 7"s... Which included the vast majority of Registrators 7"s. Yeah, I can try to replace them as well as the Rip Off stuff but that’s not how war works...

Those lost on the battlefield are non-replaceable. Populations don’t commit their sons and daughters to any war thinking if they die, they can simply enough be replaced. When a soldier marches off to fight any governments war there’s a good chance you will never see them again.

Like I said, in every war, there are irreplaceable losses. That’s why there are at least three 4th of July's (Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day) and counting (Flag Day, Patriots Day may become fourth and fifth 4th of July's). Due to Vietnam War guilt, every soldier is showered with abundances of social hero worship and parades upon returning home and free cheeseburgers, handshakes and discounts that are all a slap in the face to Vietnam Vets like my Uncle who lost and eye and leg to that war and who always has been a hero of mine not only because he is my uncle is a veteran who was drafted and nearly killed but because during vacations him hopping to the motels swimming pool would quickly empty for whatever bullshit reason (his parade was those people leaving family by family)

War means death destruction and memories. My missing records are irreplaceable. Casualties of an un-named war... They will be missed...

Thank god there are CD collection re-issues. That changes everything.