Thursday, November 8, 2012

Introducing: PAST-BLAST! (new segment)

Hold On...

In the year 2000, Back-In-The-Day™ Kenny Halbert (before I actually knew his REAL last name) aka 'Kenny Hussie' aka 'Kenny On Broadway' (as he was known then) urged me to take up as a reviewer for a web-zine he was contributing to as well as doing my thing for THE NEUS SUBJEX.

The web-zine, which was still a fairly new concept at the time, was headed up by Joe Domino who quickly accepted me into the ranks of BLANK GENERATION with open arms.

In November of 2000 my first reviews for BLANK GENERATION were published...

I contributed to BLANK GENERATION (eventually becoming a columnist) until it’s self-demise by Joe Domino in January if 2003. Many personal from BLANK GENERATION went on to found TERMINAL BOREDOM to pretty much carry on with what each of them were doing with BLANK GENERATION. TERMINAL BOREDOM still exists to this day.

I was not asked, nor did I really want to continue on with TERMINAL BOREDOM. I felt as if some if those guys apparently didn’t like my writings too much and let it be known on TERMINAL BOREDOM soon enough. TERMINAL BOREDOM kept the BLANK GENERATION site alive as an archive (of sorts) a snapshot of an era and documented source of a truly pioneering effort.

I moved on from 2003 until now. I continued my involvement with THE NEUS SUBJEX., dabbled in the freelance field, started and still do my poetry writings and even came to settle into this whole ...THWART! blogging effort rather well. I feel its time for my writings from BLANK GENERATION to live once again, to augment and support what I do, or will do, on ...THWART!

This new segment is going to be called PAST-BLAST. It will feature my old BLANK
GENERATION material that consist of over 120+ reviews, multiple incarnations of semi-regular columns; DIGITAL BLOCK and THE LANDING PARTY (plus the couple of interviews I did) with a total word count totaling over 47,000 words. PAST-BLAST will be seen in 37 separate installments as they happened month-to-month, back-in-the-day™ 12 years ago.

The first PAST-BLAST installment this November represents the 12th anniversary of my first submission to BLANK GENERATION. In December's PAST-BLAST you will read my submissions to BLANK GENERATION as it happened 12 years ago in December of 2000. This month to month 12 year lapse mimicry of my writings that appeared in BLANK GENERATION will then proceed one installment a month for the next 38 months on ...THWART!

I could have written all of the rescued content from BLANK GENERATION yesterday. It is truly timeless material. PAST-BLAST in delivery is similar in theory, to Josh Rutledge and Gunther’s 8544's efforts on DIRTY SHEETS. Music (punk or otherwise) is timeless stuff. I’m moving forward, but keeping the past well in check on ...THWART! PAST-BLAST once more places these writings under my control again. Available to get to inquiring ears who need to find it, get hold of it, or those who need to hear it all once more, to find it again.

So, with all of that being said, I would like to extend a special thanks and acknowledge Kenny, Joe Domino, all the people who contributed to BLANK GENERATION, Josh Rutledge, Gunther 8544, the past/current and future TERMINAL BOREDOM writers and anyone else still out there, doing what they do, keeping the punk-rock flame burning.

You can look on ...THWART! every month for another installment of PAST-BLAST. Fair warning, hold on. It’s a rough ride. I know that because I already been there once already. Lock and load, were going back in.

All of BLANK GENERATION as it existed, is still viewable HERE if you are interested... This includes all of Kenny's great columns, all the reviews and everything as it looked when BLANK GENERATION ended

Stay tuned to ...THWART! for the first installment of PAST-BLAST