Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day 2012 went SHWOFPT

Smokey Mtn. Toothpick

That was as close to a word as I could get to describe the sound my foot made as it entered my Doc Marten boot. Even though I highly doubt that Docs were actually ever worn in an official WAR (Do they still have 'official' wars anymore?) I still call them combat boots because I feel like I’m always at war. Everything is a struggle. One fight after another. Life is a hard fucker... The War of Angles is never ending.

I install my SMOKEY MOUNTAIN TOOTHPICK inside my right leg boot. A dagger I bought as a youth. "Looks uncomfortable" Randy America or others may say but its not when you have peripheral neuropathy. I don’t feel much from a bit above my knee on down through my feet. I use to hide that 'problem' but not anymore. Ironically enough, I feel better about it. No shame in bad health.

I grab Chinanski (my cane) and proceed to my local polling station to vote. I’m carrying multiple weapons and feel good about it. Chinanski, spring action Chinese stiletto in my jean jacket, two single row stud bracelets (if you cant wear them into a Sex Pistols concert or Bogarts, its a weapon) boot dagger and last but not least, the greatest and most dangerous weapon, my mind.

This year I feel better about the process and my choices than ever before. I used social media and the Internet for research on the issues and platforms of candidates and decisions. I realize that my choices proly wont 'win' by the sense of the word as many see it, but just because my choice doesn’t win don’t mean I’m wrong. I made a decision based on information that was closest to my personal beliefs. To some I 'threw away' my vote. To others I LOST but whereas I don’t agree with everything my candidates and their respected parties stand for, my decision was informed.

I’m proud to say that I did not vote for any fucking Republican or Democrat. This two party 'lesser of two evils' shit is still a vote for evil in my playbook. My candidate may loose but I refuse to vote for evil... I refused to vote for any Libertarian either. Too 'Ayn Rand-ish'. I voted what I call a straight Outlier Party or Discord ticket... Basically, it’s anyone except a Republican, Democrat or Libertarian.

Yeah, my candidate will 'lose' but that doesn’t mean its wrong. Just unpopular. My vote was an informed decision on what I think is right for my nation, family and myself. Even if you voted differently than I did, if you made a decision based on information and your feelings then good job, that’s what democracy and voting is all about...

Election Day 2012So I voted, picked up my INDIVISIBLE bracelet from Starbucks and came home to write this piece...

I’m waiting for election results and more importantly the sound bites and controversy that’s bound to arise.

As far as I’m concerned Jill Stein of the Green Party, my candidate for President of The United States and I won. She was my widely unpopular choice but also my informed decision.

That’s how I feel anyway.