Thursday, November 1, 2012

DEVOUT WAX Will Melt Your Pretty Little Ears!

Newport, KY  home of the infamous, soon to be more infamoser SOUTHGATE HOUSE REVIVAL (or SGHR to you newer kids). Good things never die, they just move somewhere else in the neighborhood... The SGHR is not only home to the return of a beloved Greater Cincinnati venue, but is also home to the DEVOUT WAX effort. Devout Wax is a free (21+), weekly vinyl record appreciation night Every Tuesday from 8 P.M.–1:30 A.M. (in the Lounge) you will find Host Margaret Darling (Seedy Seeds) and Jonathan Goolsby (WVQC's "Salina Underground" radio program) rotating records and spinning minds taking request the entire shows allotted time of 1½ hours even spinning record you, the humbled reader of …Thwart! brings yourself. A 30 minute time block of the show is specifically dedicated to Cincinnati and regional artist.

From the Press Release given to …Thwart!:

"We're encouraging a more interactive vinyl experience with our audience-centered format," said Goolsby. "Records are a hands-on medium—you have to turn the record over, you can't program in the next track, the clicks and pops are exquisite imperfections that ground the listener in the sound. We want to foster a relaxed environment that encourages people to bring their friends and their records from home, and explore the various soundscapes in a community setting. No genre will be excluded. If people bring Johnny Cash, they'll get Johnny Cash. If they bring Chopin, we'll spin Chopin. The point is to enjoy the music and promote lively discussion."

"The local-only block is going to be particularly interesting," Goolsby said. "Margaret and I look forward to encouraging listeners, who might not otherwise be local music scholars, to come out and hear homegrown talent. The Tristate's music scene is truly first-class. We hope local artists and bands will come out, bring their vinyl, and help us to support their endeavors."
Darling and Goolsby have even taken to live tweeting the Tuesday night show; songs played, songs requested, observations... Needless to say, every time leading to some verily interesting tweets bringing to mind DRUNK MUSIC REVIEWS except song by song. Their show tweeting is interactive. They WILL respond and  'shove back' when poked and prodded.

Devout Wax is  the sort of even that makes living in the Cincinnati area worth it.

111 E 6th St, Newport, KY 41071

Twitter  (@devoutwax)