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[Past-Blast] [Blank Generation--Nov. 2000]

Writings from Blank Generation from November 2000
Dogs "Fed Up" CD/LP
I have been waiting for this LP since picking up the "John Rock" 7" (featuring "John Rock and Roll St. Clair", "Tuff Enuff" and "Slash Your Face") a while back. I didn’t know who would do it, had no idea that Dionysus would step up to bat for The Dogs much as they previously did for The Rotters, Gears, Controllers, Dils and others; but I knew someone had to do this record. Its only befitting that Dionysus did. Dionysus is another of those labels making the current STATE of punk-rock bearable. With the bad and horrendous is the vicious, destructive and more importantly, WORTHY. Dionysus is the yin to the yang or some strange counter-balancing sounding shit like that. Many bands are known as The Dogs. It’s one of those names that just seem to fit many who claim it. Yet only one really deserves it though, This Dogs, The (Detroit) Dogs! Disciples of The Stooges. MC5 inspired. That’s not a bad thing. You heard 'em on Killed By Death and that 7" I mentioned earlier if you were lucky (but really, your probably just pain ol' pathetic; and that’s good too)... If you like that shit the rest of this LP will not disappoint. Hard-hitting rock and roll with punk attitudes. Gray-scale industrial cityscape music to live by. My switch-blade stopped working the day after I bought this LP but I still carry it and even started to get it out when I mistook a "mosh-pit" for young teen violence at a punk rock show in a Ohio barn last night. Ready for Action (?)(!). (SAB)
(Dionysus Records PO Box 1975 Burbank, CA 91507)

Jolt "S/T " LP
Seen this band on Punk in London or something like that. I could get up and look but its as cold as fuck in the Midwest today and I am enjoying a Generic Label Mountain Dew (called Citrus Drop, Distributed by Inter-American Foods out of Cincinnati Ohio) and sitting by the computer writing this. Now I will admit, I like The Jam. That isn’t a bad thing to do either. Its not like it's a groundbreaking statement. The Jam kicked out some pretty damn memorable tunes. They weren’t spectacular or anything but their first LP was almost legendary, just too rushed. The label should have waited for some better songs than rushing to release something "punk". This LP by the Jolt just hits me like a second Jam LP whereas they got back to their roots of playing fast and loud, or maybe Jam demo recordings where they were destined to mellow out later or something. In other words, The Jolt also represents the more mod-punk/power-pop madness like that of The Jam. The Jolt rip-off The Jam, and its pretty apparent. Someone’s gotta do it though, and hell, someone should have done it maybe even sooner and faster than The Jolt. On the back of the cover it sez "Long Play 33 1/3 RPM Microgroove Flexible Record". I’m not too sure what all of that means, like that part about the microgroove flexible shit, but what I do know is that this record was just a lil' bit too big which cause the record to rub against the arm assembly on my turn-table and make a vicious scraping noise approximately every three seconds. I had to get a knife and scour the edges of the LP in order to make the record playable. This is the first record I ever had to take a knife to. Cool. (SAB)

(No Address)

Le Shok "We Are Electrocution" LP

The best thing to come out this year by far would have to be "We are Electrocution", it's my pick for the record of the year 2000! It’s fast, abrasive, neoteric punk with definite self-destructive leanings. Just the thing to motivate you to do better. "Killed By Fuck," "Where's the Line Begin for Vicodin," "White Tie, You Die"... all anthems for the current STATE (state of what you ask? The STATE of everything STATE!). It pains me that such a band lives in such proximity to an ocean. This means that good punk rock can come from someplace else other than this shit called The Midwest. A band built around a great guitar sound with the keyboards add a distinctive, well used (as opposed to over used) quality, and along with the Stitches type snotty vocals make this LP stand out so much to me that this is the second time I am writing a review for it. When you hear good records, you want others to know about it. Pink vinyl. Electric pussies, Electric dicks. I am the body Electric. (SAB)
(Gold Standard Laboratories Records/Le Shok PO Box 15645 Long Beach, CA. 90815)

Naked Raygun "Basement Screams" CD
Naked Raygun came across to me more as an art-punk band than a straight-forward punk/hardcore band even before I heard this disc and their choice to cover Wires’ "12XU." I remember when I first heard "Throb Throb"... I thought it was some of the best shit i ever heard, and still do. I had high expectations for this disc but its pretty damn comparable to "Throb Throb". I can’t help it. I always tend to expect bands earlier works to far outweigh their latter ones. This time I was wrong but just a tad... Put "Potential Rapist" and "Tojo" on "Throb..." and that would have been a $100 E-Bay LP. I think it was the group backing vocals throughout the disc on the studio stuff that bothered me... Whereas this disc won’t garner new fans, it will make others that much more satisfied. (SAB)
(Quarterstick Records POB 25342 Chicago, IL 60625)

Registrators "Imagination World" 7"
This is a biased review. Even more so since I bought this piece of plastic and attempting to further it in any possible way. To understand this review, you must understand two very important creations of mine. One is my Neoteric Punk/Wave rock movement.

As stated in the pages of Maximum Rock and Roll, AND furthered digitally by Now Wave web site, I basically created a new rock movement which I call Neoteric Punk/Wave SPECIFICALLY for bands like Kill The Hippies, Crimson Sweet, Cock Spaniels, Dynamite On! Nowhere Squares, The Reds and others including, you guessed it: The Registrators! Taken from the third Draft of my Neoteric Punk/Wave,

"MY Neoteric Punk/Wave movement is the BEST of all the current flavors. It's modern new wave without the downers. It's indie-pop with a punch to the face. It's 'punk rock' meaning "PUNK-ROCK" and not "punk rock" meaning all that Korn bullshit wasting space in CD players ROUND THE WORLD (that Korn-punk is fucking global ya know). My Neoteric Wave rock movement is the bitter anecdote to all that's wrong with those people slinging around punk like it's a fucking adjective.

"Look Mom, punk rock!". "Oh Mikey, yer sooo funny! Grandma will think that's soo CUTE!". FUCKERS! YOU RUINED PUNK ROCK!"

Take it for what you will. I don't really care. I am just waiting for everyone else's personalized rock movements to see if any, at all, creativity was used. When Kill The Hippies released 'Shit Covered Hits" it was a statement which went beyond just "punk rock" or even "Punk-rock." The Registrators also did this with the release of "16 Wires from the New Provacate," both were a statement from a new age of rock and roll and I did something about it.

The other thing you must understand in my biased review of this Registrators artifact is the "V-Army." You see, the 7" cover (ah, if only Mr. Domino could scan in the cover) has the band name overtop of a flying V guitar. I never seen any live pictures of The Registrators and never considered them to be big fans of Flying V's or anything (yeah, foolish thinking, I mean, I AM talking about The Registrators, one of the top 5 bands who ever breathed air) but I suppose now, they might be 'fanatics', like me. I formed and founded a loose organization called The V-Army with the releasing of my last issue of Neus Subjex, so I’m talking recently folks. The organization is so loose (AKA "mysterical") no list of operatives exist outside those retained in the brains of its followers. No leaders, only units. Only action where there is no action. Simply owning and playing a Flying V is a start, but its not enough. The V-Army is like The Mansons or something minus the firearms and the coleslaw but with heaping amounts of flying V guitars and rumblings of a Neoteric Apocalypse. I'm automatically biased when I see a flying V. No guarantees promised but if you put a flying V on your record cover, you have to be pretty damn musically compatible with ol' Shawn Abnoxious.

The way I see it, you have two main versions of The Registrators. The 'Terminal Boredom' version and the 'Provocate' version (even though I hadn't heard shit about a lineup change I think most would agree on my breakdown). This 7" would fall under the 'Provacate' sounding Registrators. Now I know a lot of people that don't like the (new) Registrators and their development as a band. Tread careful if you are a big "Terminal Boredom' fan. But for those who were weeded out from the finest to the ELITE with "16 Wires," this is a perpetuance of that sound. The Registrators are leaders of the new-new wave and Neoteric masters of all they see. Hey, this was almost a Compulsive! (SAB)

Splash 4 "Shame, Shame, Shame" 10"
Along with The TV Killers and The No-Talents (who The 4 also share personnel with), The Splash play like a middle-of-the-road mix of the two and along with, are thee sound of modern french Repunk-rock. This time around the seven songs on this disc are not as powerful as their "Filth City" 10" (Estrus Records) but keepers none-the-less. Two tracks are covers. One is of the German punk pioneers known as Big Balls and The Great White Idiot ("Kick her in the Dirt"), which doesent really do the original justice (nice try though, it just sounds too choppy), and a French version of a song by The Bug’s who I have yet to hear. Besides "Miss Behavior" the remaining tracks sound like "Filth City" leftovers and since the songs were recorded way back in October of 1998 might very well be from the same session (give me a break, I don’t feel like getting up and checking). (SAB)
(Dionysus Records POB 1975 Burbank, CA. 91507)
(Broken Rekids PO Box 460892 San Francisco, CA. 94146-0892)

Tazers "Dont Classify Me!" LP
They had the name but admit on the liner notes, the Tazers did what they did for GIRLS and FUN and didn't site being pissed-off OR bored as reasons for forming the band. Being in a band myself, I see the opposite of having fun and girls and being pissed off and bored as more of an influence. Being bored means hating. Being pissed off means being disgusted. When you hate something and are disgusted by it you have something to say. I was bored, pissed off and even smelled like dog-food when I haphazardly decided I was going to be the bassist in a band. Before the decision I didn't play the bass, never even picked one up. I got a paycheck and got a bass and amp. Chicks and having fun was the farthest thing from my mind. I would hate to see the punk-rocker who is in it for the girls because any girl he's able to pick up would have to be as fucked up (Hey, can I say 'Fuck' around here) as he was in the first place. Secondly, since when did punk rockers begin picking up chicks? Did I miss something? A guy I know, Jimmy Pervert is the epitome of what punk rock is as far as picking up girls are concerned. At a show a while back someone asked Jim the last time he had sex. "Vaginal Sex?" he asked in clarification, "Cause I have sex with myself all the time." Jim said no girls want to talk to him. They hate him. He is - He is pretty maximum. Maybe the girls he talks to should start bands. Now, who has more spunk? Who is probably writing better songs about REAL life? The Tazers who are playin' in a band and having fun and getting laid, OR Jim who is in The (late) Geriatrix swilling any beer he can find, jerking his meat to get self-gratification and being shot down more than Iraqi Migs in the Gulf War?

The first track had me worried. It was the title one. Uh-Oh, a lil bit 'soft.'... Soon after the next two I declare keepers: "Neo-Natal Hospital" and "Micro-Wave Mother" both of which bring to mind Zounds and The Mob, oddly enough two "Crass Records" bands. The comparison soon sours though. the LP looses strength. After these two songs the LP just sort of evens out with minor peaks on the second side with "Figure it Out" and "Plastic Girls." Lets face it though, better to have the good with the bad because if Rave-Up decided to just put the better songs on a Greatest Hits 7" or something than the question would still exist if there was something more hotter than just the few kick ass songs. Now I know, and like I learned from watching GI JOE every day at 4 PM after school in the 80's, knowing is half-the battle. All criticisms aside, I would still rather get are-punk (as in reissue/revivalist punk) releases like this Tazers than a Fat Wreck Chords piece of shit. After I spent $12.99 on this slab of vinyl, mainly because MY (meaning the record store I frequent rather than own) order from Underground Medicine (where I could directly order it and save cash but refrained because I want MY record store to last), I don’t feel cheated from buying this; not one bit. Saying something likeable about a record means something positive. If not for a few labels and a few select bands in my personal city, I would not feel as strongly about punk rock in general and probably never would have become a Blank Generation contributor. Rave-Up is a great label doing a great thing. Even though their series is Lost AMERICAN Nuggets, Cant wait to hear what they dig up for The Hitler SS. (SAB)
(Rave Up Records Via Montecuccoli 13 00176, Roma. Italy)

Valentine Killers "St. Valentines Day Massacre" LP
This record looked promising enough. Menacing looking fella on the cover... Bar code over another's face on the back... Same guy I suppose. "Hey, you're on the record TWICE!!!" Sez the dude in the flannel (hey, they're from Seattle too, aren't they breaking some sort of rock-law by doing that). Good cover-up buttercup. I listened to Side One immediately upon returning home. I’m like "Yeah, its good but The Motards are better"; but it did stick with me a bit more than that Catheters LP a while back...

I was all into that Catheters record AT FIRST, now I can't remember the last time I listened to it. I even PURPOUSLY sat a home when they came through Cincinnati because 1.) They were on tour with the Murder City Devils who sell their both LPs AND CDs separately for $10 EACH (which IS bullshit and something I called them on THE FIRST TIME they suckered me into seeing them; and they blew me off. Well, this review will teach their Pixie wannabe's ASS!)... What was I talking about? Oh yeah, the 2nd reason I blew The Catheters off is simple, Xena: Warrior Princess (I’m not too sure about that actually but sorta looks good there).

The Valentine Killers’ record I like better each time I hear it. They sound dangerous, like kids playing with matches. Fans of The Candy Snatchers should definitely take note, this LP is pretty reminiscent of HUMAN ZOO (the Candy Snatchers LP that is, NOT the Cincinnati Punk legends that the Snatchers' LP is named after. How’s that for some fucking fun fucking facts? Can I even say fuck around here?). My picks are "Full Throttle," the title track (you're NOT going to make me retype THAT are you), and "Motor City Shutdown" which is so AWFUL but yet appealing that I like it. Not entirely essential but then again what is? (SAB)
(Yeah, Its Rock Records POB 85775 Seattle, WA. 98122)

Vom "Live at Surf City" 7"EP
Don’t be fooled, this is the "training band" that went on to become The Angry Samoans. Sort of a Killed By Death version of The Samoans, if you will, that sort of reminds me of the infamous Electric Eels in their execution.... The five songs on this 7", some of which you will notice from their Samoan counterparts are raw, rough, and lewd. Like the Samoans "Live At Rhino" quality wise, the release is still very much listenable and worth the cash. "Electrocute Your Cock" is probably one of the best songs ever written and already made it onto one of my so-called "writing comps" which is a series of CDRs I have compiled with songs from LP's that I listen to while writing. Yes, I go through the extra trouble to record many LP's onto CDR so I can still hear the crackle of vinyl DIGITALLY! Fuck yeah! It means nothing to most of you (all mayhap?), but making it onto one of my CDR compilations is the closest thing to a Grammy, and greatest honor I can personally bestow, on a band’s song. (SAB)
(Kryptonite Records 827 Lincoln Blvd. Manitowoc, WI. 54220)

Warsaw "S/T" CD
Twenty-three years after the fact, some music is still yet to be discovered by me but as usual, as fresh to the ears as if it was recorded yesterday. I grew to become a Joy Division fan and only knew about the LEGEND known as Joy Division BEFORE they were Joy Division. I got this CD, was blown away at the strength they had in their earliest formations and by writing this review urge you to re-discover the band that never was (more OR less!). You might know "Warsaw" as one of the better Joy Division tracks but it’s ALSO the beginning of Joy Division. This CD has 17 tracks in all. The first eleven, including many raw and rough versions of early Joy Division songs were recorded in 1978. The twelfth track is from 1980 (long after they changed their name from the Bowie influenced "Warsaw" to Joy Division.) The remaining tracks were recorded even sooner and even rawer, demos from 1977. If you consider Joy Division ‘punk-rock’ you will love this. If you think its cool that Ian Curtis hung himself because he was seeking a release from his lifelong bout of epilepsy-like to wear black and consider Joy Division a premier goth band, well you are now a rare bread since all this Marilyn Manson bullshit has surfaced AND might find a release like this hard to swallow. Me? I hear "No Love Lost" when I walk into the room at a crowded venue (I also hear "Teenage Radiation" by ss-20 when I take a piss so maybe that sentence just lost a lil something). (SAB)