Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just a Bit of Snell

      Local privateer, Jason Snell is one of my favorite artist. Not just from Cincinnati, or currently in Cincinnati, but from everywhere. I met Jason through his involvement in THE CHOCOLATE HORSE, and eclectic out-side the box out-there band (thats a 'double out') thats about to release their third fullie in August called BEAST. Jason is extremely versatile in his projects, most of which you can see at his 'project hub webspace, WE HAVE BECOME VIKINGS.
      Below you will find one of his amazing pictures from his Flickr site, which is a personal favorite of mine... A perfect example of why i watch as much news as I can stomach... Because I don't want to miss stuff like this... Following that picture is  a picture of Jason in action with Chocolate Horse...
Photograph By Jason Snell
Jason Snell (Vox/Guitar)
Jason Snell/Chocolate Horse @ The Comet