Thursday, July 28, 2011

I've been Dialed In...

     I don't know why, but I started calling him T-Wray early on in our friendship. Initially we bonded over the fact that he played guitar (and I knew this before I even talked to him because of his choice in T-Shirts) and a common fondness for Paul Westerburg. He accepted it pretty early on because he said his middle name was Ray, and it sounded all 'mountain' and everything, a hearken-back to our ancestors in the hills (cause all hill-folk are related.) Yeah, initially used an 'R' in Wray, but soon enough I got it right. Quickly T-Wray become a work standard for me. A day wasn't/isn't a day without him being around. In-between the machine noise, and extreme whether and the oil mist, we have developed a strong, unconditional friendship. So much so, I consider him a bruddy.
     So T-Wray has founded his own blog, and that's what I'm posting about. Its called Dialed In Like A Short Wave Radio, which is based off an idea I had to take all his rebel-rousing stories from his youth, and print them in some form... As well as an obligatory welcoming message, that's pretty funny on its own, he has posted an absolutely hilarious story from his more youthful times with the tales second sentence reading: "How much would you pay to see a guy jump into a shallow muddy river from a distance that is almost surely to kill him?" Now surely you can expect good things now...Yes, you can. And don't call me Shirley. Read Dialed In HERE
Tim Combs 1
"T-Wray" by Shawn Abnoxious
 T-Wray @ Creativa Convergence Open Mic