Friday, July 29, 2011

Allegations Against Me

   There has been... talk.
   Talk concerning the similarities between myself and a certain president named Ronald Regan that seem to be centered around 'ketchup.'
     It has even been alleged that we are the same person... Allegations which I have DENIED...
     But then I get to second guessing myself, and everything I believe. I tell Julie (my wife):
    "Maybe you and ol' Swamp-Eyes (Gunther 8544) are onto something. maybe, just maybe.. I am Ronald Regan! I'm like some form of a Were-Republican, which is a lot like a were-wolf except when the time is right, like a debt crisis or some other form of political crisis, I turn into Ronnie!"
     "Now you just sound like an asshole" she said. 
... or maybe they were comparing me to the aircraft carrier the USS Ronald Regan... Hmmm.

I am Ronald Regan!
The USS Ronald Regan Aircraft Carrier (Jellybean Tipped Missiles)