Monday, July 25, 2016

Pokémon Gets You Up to Go

Fighting a Proxy War against apathy and childhood obesity, developers of the hit sensation Pokémon Go were overheard during a lunch outing at San Francisco area McDonalds commenting on the games success of getting Americans their fat-asses as saying "at least the kids are getting interested in going outside again."

This statement obviously references a well publicized statement that Breaking Bad creators said concerning their programs contribution to renewed interested in science stating that their hit show was "making kids get interested in Chemistry once more" and was "promoting the entrepreneur spirit in America again" as well as reports that a self-described 'pudgy' teenager near Knoxville, Tennessee recently captured a Pokémon near the carcass of a dead Deer in his front yard; a casualty of the nearby four-lane highway.

Proponent of Psychogeography and Situationist International founder, Guy DeBored, could not be reached for comment on the subject of the new fascination with exploring urban environments that Pokémon Go urges due to the fact that he not only died in 1994, but would probably just mumble phrases and terminology that only he could fully understand then end by plugging a book he co-authored posthumously with help from The Psychic Friends Network and Dr. Phill McGraw called The 20/20 Diet which is available at local bookstores and from Dr. Phils website.

It was also overheard that the Pokémon Go developers think that their boss is 'kind-of a dick', owns every issue of Smooth Magazine (including two copies of the Kendra Moore issue) and pondering upon the query that if the Chicken McNuggets are now made with all-white meat then what were they made from before?


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