Saturday, July 2, 2016

Dial 1-800-BAND for A Great Time

July 1st, 2016
Junkers Tavern (Fallback Position)

Holiday weekends bring out the worst in everybody and everything including myself. I'd like to think its just a 'nihilist moment' or think that its just a phase but if not for the fact that 1-800-BAND (BAND) were not on tour in support of Almost Ready Records (who also released Cincinnati favs Bummers Eve debut fullie) release of High Beams; BAND's second fullie and playing Junkers Tavern on the opening day of the 2nd Fourth of July of the 2016 Summer season then (as some ancient astronaut theorist say) I would have been at home on the couch of ideas watching TV. 

Mama said being an enemy of the state would be easy... Its getting harder and harder trouncing through the muck to find the sweet spots of resistance that such strongholds like Junkers represents. 

I guess A Lamb of Ulysees himself; Ian Svenious' Chain and The Gang were playing mere blocks away at The Northside Tavern that registered immediately as being 'wayyyy o'er there' in the interest scale... Fuck it. Chain and The Gang becomes described as 'The guy from The Make-Up with an all-girl band' which is really unfair but sparks my interest despite the gimmick-y nature of that overheard 'product with product' description. My final ananysis as The Northside Tavern not being an option for the evening has much do do with the fact that 1) The Nation of Ulysses must Prevail and 2) Apathy isn't so much as a cause rather than the fact that I think 1-800-BAND are a really great band.

Things got started off at Junkers post-opening evening of The Rock and Roll Carnival. No, I didn't go and the only way that could possibly get me there would be if BAND would play. As it just so happens, they are... In just a few hours from writing this very sentence actually but since BAND is played Junkers, I chose the familiarity of known territory where I hold a strategic advantage if/when the shit hits the fan.

Locals Stallone & Roses, a hard-driving double guitar and drums feedback laden rock and roll machine with thick, involved reverb-ed vocals shredded the post carnival heathens and gave be a sense of purpose and optimism in the fact that my apathetic ass really, really got it together and made it out to hear something loud and sit somewhere else in a change of scenery and revel in the fact that Ancient Aliens will be available On-Demand at my convenience. Stallone & Roses supplied the night a small victory to build upon.

BAND came right out of the gate unleashing their ever-fresh Knack meets Blondie and Freddie Fender style power-pop in fast anthemic burst of catchy songs about  alienation, awkwardness, fun, innocence and rebellion. BAND's songs speak directly to you and screams into your ear its not you, it;s them. Finally with High Beams, on a personal level, I no longer blame 1-800-BAND for the hiatus or disappearance of Crimson Sweet. I see BAND as rock and roll alter-ego's of Crimson Sweet; the same great heroes they were, in new outfits doing something different and still making it pop where its supposed to pop, and causing them to drop when its time to drop!

Feel free to inquire about procuring a copy of your own LP or CD version of High Beams from your local {vinyl record] dealer... Threaten them if you have to and if all else fails, you always have 1-800-BAND's phone number to call and lodge a complaint!

BAND built upon the victory that Stallone & Roses started... The solitary late night ride home was fresh, and mostly occupied with the usual nights dissidents gathered arouund the brightly lit 24-Hour Fast Food eateries,  stopped in front of Blue flashing lights from Ohio State Patrol cruisers (patrolling a bit outside their jurisdiction in College Hill none-the-less?) and others who feared everything else.

Me? I felt as if I was the criminal, the enforcer and the victim all rolled into one... Listening to Slaughter and The Dogs at a verily loud volume... Running red-lights...
feat. 1-800-BAND with Slaughter and The Dogs and Parquet Courts