Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Big Deck Hanging with the Sundermans!

Before the traditional Memorial Day onslaught of summer, Bill and Nancy Sunderman of the posh Columbus, Oxhio suburb of Oakenshield, planned on an active schedule of warm-weather usage for their recently installed deck.

"What lady doesn't love a big deck to hang out on?" Nancy, a modest 38 year old Receiving Department manager for a major home supply retail chain and mother of three proclaimed.

Starting with a busy Memorial Day weekend of nearly constant grilling, lounging and fireworks, action proceeded to include birthday parties, True Romance gatherings, meetings of The Oakenshild Knife-Throwers Guild (founded by Bill in 2002) and much more. These organized events all not only occurred on the Sundermans' big deck but also featured an impromptu hippie drum circle one evening after the family returned from their kids' soccer game.

"We came home, thought the neighbor had his stereo on a bit loud.." explained Bill, age 45 and owner/operator of 7 Columbus area BallStop© Convenience Stores, "We smelt patchouli and followed the beat to the Big Deck out back."

Taking it as a testament of the the decks comfort, Bill and Nancy put the kids to bed, kicked off their shoes and 'dropped out' by joining in with the fun! "If you cant beat' em" said Nancy "Join 'em!"

After a rousing Fourth of July weekend jam-packed with neighborhood grill-outs and Fireworks displays with the Sundermans Deck being the highlight of the entire neighborhood, ideas for the second-half of the summer as Bill and Nancy explained include a family reunion, at least two more birthday parties, a baby shower, another True Romance gathering and in Bills own words "the biggest fucking fireworks display this neighborhood has ever seen" for Labor Day.

Call your local trusted neighborhood contractor for an estimate on your own Big Deck today.