Thursday, September 3, 2015

TianJin Explosion

IntroductionWhen I post something on the Thwart FB page it's usually something I've already wrote and posted on Thwart. This time, for the short treatise following, things went the other way... I originally posted the following on FB less than a day after the TianJin Explosion occurred. I suppose it's all the banter about the Republican Presidential candidates that really got me thinking. When you hear a Republican say "We need to De-Regulate industry" they are really saying a whole lot. Read on... Thanks. -Shawn
* * *
By now you should've at least heard about the terrible explosions in Tianjin, China... One thing they know for certain is it was a chemical fire caused in part by improper storage and handling of highly flammable components... The dozen plus firefighters didn't know what they were facing which further complicated the disaster. China doesn't have regulations like the US... That's one of the reasons companies relocate there... Less regulations = more profit. US style regulations there would have possibly saved lives if not totally averted the entire problem itself... So next time you hear about how US companies are going overseas due to regulations, think about what they are really saying. Regulations are there to protect and educate the workers and their communities. I bet the people of Tianjin had some of those regulations now...