Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Joe Annaruma - The Doom Swooner

Man is Doomed CD

By time I was first introduced to Man Is Doomed (MID) it came by way of a new connection via a FB group called BAG... Joe Annaruma... A name that many of you may remember from another past musical group that Joe fronted called Throttle. Joe is a busy, busy man then, just as he is now.

Joe is a librarian in the tidewater region area of Virginia, where he currently operates a blog called The Thugbrarian Review. On this blog Joe expertly delivers regular book and music reviews that are well-written, solid, in-depth breakdowns of the material he features. Joe is still into music projects that tend to stay more on the solo side of things. Isolated Cockpit is one of those efforts that exist in two fields: audio and video. Links are provided below so leave Google alone for a bit...

On The Dream Killer from MID you will find similar overtones and expansions of themes first heard this on Throttles New Freaks on The Block. Imagine if The Rollins Band had less of that Sub Pop sound and a lot less attention... Because there are good, rocking music and bands everywhere. MID is one of those bands and really, somewhere, that matters.

Just as Throttle had beget MID, I'm anxious to see a small selection of what I hear friends m The Dream Killer and how it will work its way into Isolated Cockpit... This writing about MID isn't so much about the band, but really about Joe and his presence in the isolated cockpit of existence. Out there, on the fringe of the fringe there's guys like Joe Annaruma doing it in the small nooks and crannies of mainstream society where they can get stuff done in the fewer, diminishing minutes that a person can steal for themselves from life's carried sources. 

I've always said that the best musician, artist, performer, poet or whatever that's alive is someone that has locked themselves away and n their back porch or a hot studio apartment or someone who society has locked away. Well, now I know that be of those greats.,, His name is Joe and by no means is he a regular.