Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lo-Fi City Notes And Oddness GUARANTEED

(pics by AB1 from Lo Fi City 2 release show)

Since I first immersed myself in punk-rock (with the dash), the 'compilation' was early fuel for the fire exposing myself to more bands, more songs for a great and economical price.

Killed By Death #'s Two and Three, Dangerhouse Vol.1 & 2, Centsless' Blast From The Basement, Bloodstains [Across the Midwest], Murder Punk, Incognito Records Back To Front... Trust me, I could go on to the break of dawn... The newest installment of Lo-Fi City (#2) joins in those same ranks. The bands and their sounds are diverse but at the same time, that creates cohesion. Much like the Dangerhouse compilations, one song compliments the rest and the arrangement of the CD keeps you interested and attentive from start to finish.

So, if you (like myself) always wondered what happened to a whole generation of kids that were fueled by the new designer drugs Flakka and crocodile with The Year Punk Broke bands like Nirvana, Sonic Youth, The Pixies and more... Well, they are doing ok! Actually, they are doing fucking fantastic! They have great bands that write great songs and you would be a fucking idiot if you just pass overtop of the Lo-Fi Noise as exhibited on this collection.

To totally be honest with you, I'm in one of the bands thats featured on this compilation... So 'reviewing' this release sorts crosses a line with me and my mission on Thwart... At the same time, if The Socials were not on this disc, it would still be a fucking great compilation. 

Firstly, my favorite bands (in no particular order... KrkGrd, Lil' Trees, Sleepy Drums, Mutt Fuzz and Flesh Pets... But the goodtimes roll with Eric Die & Jon Stout, The Night Divided, Chris Potaka, Biggest Wall, Sunny Temple, Commercial, John Mattock, Dinosaurs & Thunder, and Nanny.

There are hard copies (CDR) floating around but you can get the compilation via bandcamp as a PWYW (Pay What You Want) DL (download).

-LFC is the new fringe minority: "Get Sum"

In the above picture, Nanny Singer/Keyboard/Oddist Chris Potaka goes off-script and reads from the zine Bad Day At The Plastic Minds Number Eight...

-Soft-Rock Hard Strikes again: Nanny reminds me of a State Fair thats winding down on its last houir of normal operation where the garbage cans are full of last-bite fried foods and smell delicious... Nanny are the background music.
-Loud, Distorted vocals: You dont wanna know what Chris is sying. You cant handle the Potaka.
-Last breth of a sad sci-fi movie: Disneys The Black Hole during the cyborg making scene.
-Over nurtured species: We call them Pets.

This show was also Jonathan Stouts Birthday. He is one of those people that you cant ever tell if they are drunk... "You sauced Jon?" I ask. "Ohhhh Yeahhhh!" he responded. Get your 'Boggin on, the eraser tip side of your number two pencil up your butt and get out there... Sleepy Drums played a good set... Depite alcohol, you couldnt see the inebriation. Lo' are those that play on their birthday. They have since released a CD-EP that AB1 reviewed a minute ago on Thwart.

Butt may not have a 'marketable' name, but thats their intention... I think. Like a grain of pepper, their playing hits you fast and hard like a sorts of shock & Awe; butt with music.

-Nervous energy: Inside their sound. Eric Die, the bass frontman  reminds me of Rob Radar from Radar Secret Service.
- Alesandros guitar work deserves a mention: Mentioned.
- RIYL: Joseph K, Crystal Stilts, Certain General. So post-punk my balls hurt.
-Easy to fall in love: With their sound... They too just released their EP... Follow the link Below.