Saturday, September 26, 2015

09/22/15 Notes While Under Surveillance

The following notes were compiled during verified surveillance.

-Water is Electricitys: Arch nemesis.
-'Trad' replaces 'Traditional'
-When you see displays of public [real] business: "GET AN OFFICE YOU"
-Kids name; GodLove: Is that a hashtag?
-Is a creditied newsanchor who recently did a report about a new motorcycle gang encroaching another, longstnding MCs territory maybe, perhaps, a member of a MC? Not naming names.
-Mountain Dew is a name. Not a place.
-From the movie KING OF NEW YORK starring Chris Walkin... "Im A Black Man" (see below)
- My name is "Coca-Cola"
-Please help the Sad Kids.
-A blue dish that just so happens to be perfect for the portage of finger foods from party to party...