Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Free Range Capture—In Identified Parts (Raw)

'Free Range literature'... A new frontier...  A newer frontier... The raw manifestation of the moment... Perhaps a hard nod toward Abstract Dictation? Sure, all that and more as part of the rediscovery of in-natural literature journeys that were once unimagined. IT IS IMAGINED NOW! Just write what comes to mind... Stream of consciousness... Let the warped sense of what the fundamentals of the so-called 'auto-correct' function be as-if wounded and nearly made inoperable by the hidden agendas of the hash-tag... A psyche free fall of hidden meanings and upmost regard all with words of BOTH kinds; the ones that fit and others that never-will.

Read more. Get weird.
The day of half-men... At the waist, as different to what you would normally do... You would 'target up.' Wanting the golden disc when you haven't yet earn white-disk. The savage beast will not attack. Impoverished... What do we really say on the telekinetic highway. Reliving scenes that mean something being dressed in ISIS cake ... And the question remains! The one thing that they can't equip them all. You win some, you loose more. But let's get back to the vessel disguised and it's really a steak House... The way a Ponderosa... Wester Sizzle. The 80's were fucking weird man! Serious! I thought "I'm not going back... EVER" bwaa-bwaa

Then the more positive refers its head disguised as table salt. "There's just lots of plates around. Take them to. Parallel dimension. Crash the fucking joint and give those screening pieces of shit. Lazy" it turns into a mud slinging contest to see who comes out as a raccoon in heady. Heat daytime. 

The conquest of the empires that fell. Can you reach a psychedelic representation as to what the big deal? Legends come when you need legends. The row of sacrificial 'Axters' who place their head in a caption like the lady to herd earth. So the amounts of money get stuck in a Atmt. That is not an error. War on the streets. Are you safe? Are we safe? Only the ones with orange tape. Only the ones with orange tape

The last physically abler thing to do is proceed away. Fast. On the up drawl. The frontier is loose.