Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mikesells Cincinnati Style Chili Chips

Founded in 1910, Mikesells is to Dayton Ohio what Grippos is to Cincinnati... A local, highly revered company known for their quality and taste. In the last couple years with all of the 'Taste contest' rigamorole running rampant, I'm interested in the final result and read related articles via the Internet, but I had yet to try them.

At one time, I can't say that I really like potato chips unless there was a bologna sandwich around that I would stack high between the slice of bread and the Bologna and then smash the sandwich that I must dictate per the pre-installed genetic memory.

When I seen Cincinnati Style Chili flavored potato chips, I finally crossed the flavored no-mans land and went for it. If you dig BBQ chips, like Grippos, the burn of the spices catch up to you the more you eat... These chips are like that, but it takes a decent portion to get to the same spot as Grippos BBQ chips and their associated burn... Flavor wise, these chili chips do taste like homemade Cincinnati Style Chili. I'm not sure what the reasoning is for the style of chip style, grooves, but I've been thinking it has something to do with chip flavoring and surface area of the chip... That's the best possible answer I can give.

What his all boils down to is do I like these chips enough to buy them again? The answer is yes. I would like to try a cheese-dip in conjunction with the next bag or maybe eat simultaneously with a cut-up mild-cheddar cheese block.