Monday, January 12, 2015

The Accidental Artist aka Mike Spent

In a strike of pure happenstance, I ran across a facebook post from Mike Spent that he claimed was a mistake...'Mistake Art'. None-the-less, it grabbed my interest... I asked Mike to explain exactly how the art came to be.

"Ok what you are viewing is an N-2b extreme cold weather flight jack jet worn by the various branches of the armed forces today I took a digital photograph of it against the exterior of my current residence and cropped it and rendered it in my iPad photos app unknown forces took it from me and created an impressionist version of the jacket. It almost appears to be an oil painting, and has garnered attention in the art world and blogosphere. Thus, I am the accidental artist know as Mike Spent"

A search for 'Glitch Art' revealed that there is a movement attatched with Glitch Art... Surprising enough. It all goes back to Space Monkey John Glenn!

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