Monday, December 1, 2014

Its Deep-Rock Dude - Turn It Up

Photo by Tim Combs

Today, Monday. Fuck Monday. Thoughts of THE BUFFALO KILLERS (BK) playing The Canal Public House in Dayton, is still fresh in my head after opening up my CD copy of Fireball of Sulk. As promised, but something you wouldn't immediately catch-on to, is that the six songs from Sulk are accompanied by the entire Heavy Reverie full-length as 'bonus' tracks unmentioned on Sulks outside packaging. Please take that in mind before plopping down any hard-earned minimum wage money for the Heavy Reverie CD that features just Heavy Reverie! I'm not a music industry thinker nor that I really care about what politics goes into where to put whatever where it needs to be. I'm just getting the word out for those who want the basic songs at a decent price. So, Sulk CD versions accumulate ALL of the BK Sun Pedal recordings... No, the Sulk songs are NOT 'out-takes' or 'unused tracks' from Reverie.

The 'Sulk-Six' are six all-new tracks. One of those tracks is an old song wrote by Zach Gabbard from his High School daze, and I emphasize the use of high in any relation of the word high used within a three sentence boundary of the mentioning of school.

Over a three course meal at Bob Evans -- and I must add that their chili on fresh biscuits is really fucking good -- I admitted to the family that there is so much to write about when it comes to the BK that I could write about them almost exclusively on Thwart...! I suppose this, a second BK writing in as many days, is a testament to that. I'm all on-board with the BK and their Un-named genre that goes beyond 'Rock and _______'... Beyond 'Just-Rock'... Beyond 'Classic-Rock.'.. Beyond 'Alternative Rock' or, especially 'New-Rock' of which brings to mind bands that I refuse to give any free blogspot space to... I've decided to declare BK 'Deep-Rock' so fucking take that music industry!

Still yet, here is the almost bothering reminder for you to get your copy of Sulk... Be it a vinyl version as the form of a plastic long-player or plastic version of a compact disc combining Sulk and Reverie together in a 'nice price' combination... Already with multiple-plays of the CD logged, standout Sulk tracks in my opinion consist of not only "Blankets On The Sun" but also includes "Wierd One", which may sound like the rock version of an older Studio One Reggae jam (killer bass guitar) but trust me, it's not... It, along with the accompanying tracks are Deep-Rock Classics...

Photo by Tim Combs