Friday, October 10, 2014

Stepsister - Autopilots Stuck on Get Down! CD

Label Note: For a label located in a town, that for some reason I think has a ‘Wild, Wild West’ past (Incline Village Nevada); like its a old ghost town or some shit like that… Smog Veil sure has an endless love affair with all things Ohio. On this latest release it persists.

Stepsister hails from Cleveland, Ohio and has been featured on the most recent installment of Cheese Borgers "Pie and Ears" compilation. What you got is fast paced rock and/or roll, last cigarette punk RAWK, all balls-to-the-walls and shit. Blazing in yer face from track to track and NEVER looking back.

Setting fires.
Drinking Whiskey.
Bar stompin’.

Thick, ultra-thick production… They have a ‘booking office’ and acknowledge their closeness to art-punk pioneers Motorhead by listing a band member (who I deduct by elimination is a bassist) is Lemmy’s stunt double. When you encounter a band like Stepsister, usually when you least expect it, you can’t help but to find yourself from rocking your head to the beat of their music, or hell, in some cases even pumping a fist after each song yelling "Hell yeah! Play another" IF, and only IF, you are spirited enough.

One day, just as this Sum41 and Blink 182 shit is playing out riot now, bands like Stepsister will have their day. Stepsister could very well be at the vanguard of that insurgence. They have the sound. They have the rage. They have the high tolerance to hard liquor that could propel them into legendary status.

Then again, they ARE from Ohio.... Bands from here aren’t acknowledged until they 1) Move to New York City and start turning tricks (you know who you are), or 2) Get noticed years after their existence as the pioneers they are (You know who YOU are)