Friday, October 17, 2014

Numbskull - The Great Brain Bake-Off (CD)

This CD features a mid-eighties Cleveland act that fall somewhere in-between Captain Beefheartand Flipper that reminds me of something I would have/should have heard on Touch and Go. Numbskull "play" fuzzed out art-damage rock and roll. No one said it would be easy and Numbskull prove it.

The CD starts off on a high note with a medley of two songs called "Fifteen Seconds" and "All too Clear" with my interest barely peaking again with the track "Lost in Time." Some songs feature some sorts of electronic noise that resembles record scratching at certain times or just plain ol’ keyboard stuff other times... In-between all the songs, or at the beginning of each track (depending how you look at it) there are snippets of interviews and at the beginning of the last track, part of some sort of radio show.... "Pack in the air guitar"????

This CD was a pretty good listen, but I can’t say I would have been very impressed if I had spent the upwards of $12.99 or whatever a CD cost nowadays, to get myself a copy. Maybe the material from this disc would have been better received as a split CD with another band.... I don’t know. I get a feeling of mediocrity when I look at this disc in hindsight after the CD player is turned off and the CD is filed away in my COLLECTION. That’s something I’m not used to with Smog Veil, so forgive my vagueness.