Saturday, October 18, 2014

Les Blacks Amazing Pink Holes - Breakfast with the Holes (CD)

From the ruins that is planet Pink Hole, located on an elliptical orbit around a dying star near you, The Pink Holes return!

The first six songs on the CD represent the second Pink Holes LP where the title of this CD comes from. The remaining twelve songs come from unreleased sources or hard to find releases. Six of the tracks come from a 1988 session which I would say is the best Pink Holes stuff ever recorded. Songs from the session include the ripping "Frustration Factor", "Crazy Slut" and "Fungarian Function." The other highlights include various tracks from various recording sessions and hard to find released material and a catch of early demos from 1982 with the original line-up.

There’re some humorous and insightful liner notes from past Pink Holes including some rather uneasy notes from Bob Sablack/Dick Hurtz showing that as crazy and wired as The Pink Holes were, there were limits to what could and could not be tolerated. It all makes sense really....past comparisons I have used in describing the Pink Holes still surface and are relevant.... Imagine a Ramones charged Cramps mixed with Dead Milkmen like outlooks on the world. Even though some Pink Holes songs are more memorable than others I will take all they have to offer with no complaints. I like my decadence and depravity with a side of fries and lotsa A-1 Steak sauce.