Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lost Sounds - Black Wave CD

There was tons of buzz surrounding this band when their debut full length Memphis is Dead was released. I do feel that buzz was warranted though, the Lost Sounds were the new sounds to people’s ears. It was different. It was OUT THERE. It embodied what was, and continues to still be The Neoteric Punk/Wave. Memphis is Dead introduced people to a new way of thinking. Memphis is Dead got attention but when I heard it, it wasn’t new, it didn’t floor me like most. Memphis is Dead rather reiterated what I seen previously in Kent, Ohio by a lil’ ol band called The Detox Police, who continue to be a few steps ahead of the act... Memphis is Dead left me saying, "Yeah, its good, but their next one will be better." And it is…

The follow up, Black Wave, is REALLY something. It’s a Neoteric A-bomb straight to the fucking soul. What you have is nineteen tracks clocking in just a few minutes shy of a full hour. Sound-wise, it reminds me of a Siouxie and The Banshees meet Riding on the Metro-era Berlin, with enough garage punk sensibilities to give the release cohesion and make it rockin’ enough for you to commit small paltry acts of armed robbery with. Sci-fi inspired! N-P/W (Neoteric Punk/Wave) MADDNESSSSSS! The Lost Sounds are "Plan 9 from Outer Space" apparent. You see the strings, but the movies still a great one BECAUSE you can see the strings. The Lost Sounds are "Logan’s Run" apparent. Simple is complex in the New World BECAUSE a band like The Lost Sounds works the imagination for all it’s got! Black Wave has everything that Memphis is Dead had EXCEPT MORE!

Stand out tracks include "Soon This Tomb" where that Berlin comparison really stands out to me, "Walk in Line", "Saturn Stomp" and "I’m Not A Machine," to just name a few because I feel I have the obligation! Really, like I said, this fucking thing has nineteen tracks and every one of them brings novelness to the ears. The Lost Sounds aren’t the obsolete sound of new new wave. The Lost Sounds are the N-P/W OBSOLETING force; the force that makes all others antiquated! The Lost Sounds are the piece of rotten fruit that makes all the others rotten. The Lost Sounds are like that one kid in third grade that cusses and smokes that all the other kids mimic and in turn become corrupted. The Lost Sounds, on Black-Wave, set standards for future inductees to the Neoteric Punk/Wave.