Friday, October 24, 2014

Kill the Hippies = 11 Covers + 20 Bonus Tracks CD

You should need no introduction to this band by now. The best of the best! Neoteric Elite!!!! A treat indeed!!!! I like to refer to this CD-R as "Kill the Hippies: Cover and Smother". I wish the cover art consisted of bound KTH members tied to chairs and draped with albums by bands they covered....I been wanting a release like this from this band. What you, the common listener, don’t know is that there is a plethora of unreleased or hard to find Kill the Hippies songs out there, UN-USED!!! The first feature of this CD-R is like the factory title sez: eleven covers. Me? I mean FUCK! I’m not the biggest fans of covers but that’s because I am not a good musician myself. I’m so bad that I can’t play other people’s music, I can just play my own. Bands like Kill the Hippies are FULL of phenomenal musicians, so figuring out cover songs is no big deal for them. Hell, they even take it one point further, and add a certain flavor to other people’s songs. The covers feature the line-up with Tic Toc Tyler, from the same line-up on the Shit Covered Hits EP. The Covered include Velvet Underground, Blondie, Small Faces, VKTMS, Blur, Adverts, Thor(!), Joan Jett, David Bowie, Dictators, Mott the Hoople, and later-on Devo. The second half of the CD is a hodge-podge of unreleased, hard to find, and some live tracks from every possible KTH line-up except one: the line-up featuring Kenny On-Broadway’s drumming from the Will Not Overstimulate EP era. Kill the Hippies have had a long and in-depth past where they even had another singer besides Morte, and PP Envy who also played guitars. The original material even goes back as far as 1995 up to the present with two songs from the latest ‘Metrognome’ line-up, which is the real treat!!! There are some real treats in the original material....Some real hard hitters like "Pussy Hot Cock Crazy", "Price Gun", "Heat Reduction Oven", "Electric Meat" (damn, sounds like something Eater would or should have played), an older track with past singer/guitarist Kenneth Picklesheimer doing the main vocals called "Blast Back with a Bomb", and more. I mean, FUCK! This CD-R is a MUST HAVE. I don’t think KTH are selling this for much, but do something for ol’ Shawn Abnoxious, will ya? Send KTH $6 for this. That should cover it....It’s well worth it. HOMEMADE!!!! Cracker-Barrel Style!!!! You need this. You life is uncompleted. Buy this or die.