Monday, October 13, 2014

Digital Block- Installment Seven. Part 2 of 4

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The guy said he was calling on behalf of The Ohio State Troopers even though he just kept refering to them as ‘the troopers’. He wanted to send me a decal that would show ‘the troopers’ that I support them in their plan to make Ohio children safe from abduction. I am not sure exactly how this all would work but they were to send me this decal and a kit where I could place a picture of the child needing to be protected from abduction, a thumb print of the child needing protection from abduction and a strand of hair for DNA purposes of the child needing protection from abduction. The file would be stored in databanks at the capital for safekeeping.

I asked if the caller, who might have been a trooper himself but probably wasnt, how many children in this current system were actually saved from abduction because the troopers had a thumb print, strand of hair or a picture.

He told me he didnt have those figures in front of him.

Thats because other than a picture, you cant find a child from his thumb print or DNA extracted from hair. That Amber Alert system relys on photos, first and foremost. When I explained this to the caller he hung up on me. Needles to say, I dont think I am getting the decal. Shucks.

Im not a political person or anything even though this edition of Digital Block will ultimatly come off that way but this whole thumb print/DNA hiar strand seems alittle bit too protective in my eyes. Besides at birth my fingerprints have never been taken. I want them to remain that way. As for my DNA.... Im definitly not clone material.