Saturday, August 16, 2014

The 'New' Bolsheviks and the Next Red October

"NO!" I told them I would yell from the small hill adjacent to the hanging tree. "NOT HIM! HE IS ONE OF THE GOOD ONES!" I would add and try to convince the blood-thirsty mob busy hanging lawyers, one-percenters and CEO's four at a time. There would be a mass grave near by where they would dump the corpses, then ready four more. Every set of four would basically say the same things. They would plead for their lives but you reap what you sowed and no one knew that, or witnessed that better, than the 'Beaten Generation'... The Working Class... The New Bolsheviks.

I opened my ears and listened beyond the racket of loud machines and listened to all the same things that the Bolsheviks said during their time, being repeated now, sometimes word for word, by blue-collar workers. The same workers who eat sound-bites from the local conservative news broadcast. Those broadcast, which feed them disinformation one value meal deal at a time. "Obama is a Socialist!" was a common statement of which I would explain... So are volunteer Fire-Fighters! At first the New Bolsheviks railed against 'the left' (or what they thought was the left) and were quick to declare any newscast that they didn't agree with their implanted reviews, liberal and/or biased

"You gotta learn how to read between the lines" I would say and would state that it's a right, not a privilege, to receive automatic Healthcare, Housing, Work and Education and when they would agree with me I would tell them that those things, being free to all, is what the Soviet Union was originally built upon. I don't think they believed me.

The media has a firm hold on the modern worker who fed them disinformation on an almost constant basis. I was the first-one the workers would run to when they needed an ally when something happened, like a work place accident or when someone wasn't treated right, and then other times those same people had me thrown under the bus and labeled a trouble-maker when the pressure was on. They cracked easily like chicken eggs.

I started a mid-week prayer group hat my job which was quite refreshing. It felt great to just stand with the working class and pray and it went over real well. The participants in the group refered to each other as "Brother" and "Sister" before our names when passing each other at work. A month later or so, I was approached by several fellow workers who were staunchly loyal to their Boss, and then the Boss himself began asking if I was starting a Union. My answer to both questions was no. I would explain that the meeting they were witnessing, was a prayer group and all were welcomed to participate. Even them.  I then explained that if I wanted to, all it would take is one phone call to have a card check the following morning. I didn't necessarily believe in the card check method but that threat gave me leverage against them.

No matter how much I'd get my fellow co-workers to believe and connect with, it wasn't enough to make them see that they were lied to and manipulated through wage slavery and more. When people are lied to, they get mad. Real mad. That pressure builds and builds until they explode in violent revolution.

I would tell them the story of me running down from the hill to speak-up, and declare whoever was next, really wasn't a bad person. That compassion and non-violence protesting was our tools and murder was their tool. If we used their tool. We were  no better than them! Soon though, I started seeing things differently. 

The people, the modern day working class, would eventually figure it out I hoped. Eventually is such an open ended way of looking at things, but that's all I had. I'd have little voice against the rage of the New Bolsheviks and their revengeful thirst of blood against those who not only oppressed them, but their collaborators, people pointing out the rich people who actually may really be nice, honest and worthy-- these collaborators would be strung up too.
That would include me.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want a bloodletting Class War, but the divisions, boundaries and hype that exist in modern day America and it's multi-faceted oppression, are definitely headed in that direction. I witnessed this at the starting point, the factory.

In America... Now... Everyone is tired. Mentally, physically and spiritually. They wish things were different but yet, don't have the time to educate themselves about what's really going on. There's bills to pay, dinner to make and things to buy. In America, it's always someone else's fault and the other guy always have it better than you. In America, the few ruin it for the many, compassion is an endangered emotion... In America, you are guilty until not proven innocent. Threats are a measure of how much They care. The more that things deteriorate in America, the closer and closer we get to violent revolution, a class war.

When the New Bolsheviks are doing their bloodletting, I've decided now that Im just going to stay at my spot on the hill and watch. If I speak up, I will hang too. Why would they listen to me then, when now they can't see with their eyes that we, the working class, are being fed hatred for each other for whatever foolish reason. Let me say it again, I don't want a violent class war but change does need to happen and options are few. I wish words and rational thinking would prevent the next Red October but it won't. Not until class war is realized as not only words, but a true solution.