Monday, August 18, 2014

Cryptic-Captions: A Decade Old Mystery!

Mysterious symbols/numbers such as these (see pictures below) have been appearing on household TVs since about 1995.

I now call them #CrypticCaptions

Unlike the televisions closed caption system for the hearing impaired, and without warning, numbers, letters and symbols appear at random on the TV screen. Cryptic-Captions has been witnessed over four different TVs, and three different cable and internet providers. Since it's inception.

Once, approximently around 1995-96, the TV went totally blank... You could still hear the programs audio but the TV began scrolling through the television stating "Hi Shawn" over and over until the TV was unplugged. The cable provider at Time-Warner Cable was called and no explaination was given for the occurances.

In August of 2014 I re-opened my faux-investigation after deciding to document the phenomenon. Using social-media outlets like Instagram which pushed the pictures further to Twitter and Facebook is a big help to spread the word.

I created a PAGE on Thwart Blog coinciding with this introductory blog posting, in hopes to further the incidences, their documentation and leave the question out there for some one smarter than me to answer!Send E-Mail to ShawnAbnoxious@Gmail .comREMOVE THIS

What the fuck is this?