Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Flesh and The Devils Take You Under

Flesh and The Devils
"You Can't Take Me Away" b/w "Riptide" 

Hailing from Cincinnati, Granado Records brings you the newest reason to turn up the volume. FLESH AND THE DEVILS are packed full of Cincinnati punk-rock who's who centering on The Legendary Kevin Donahue (vocals) whose name is usually associated with THE PARIAHS, the band in Cincinnati that would verily much be the band with the most revolving line-up--or at least in the top three...

This 7" is hot right  from the start. Side-A's "You Can't Take Me Away" is quite the anthem! It's empowering even! This song is a snarl verses/against the powers that be!   The B-Side is called "Riptide" but dont think your safe one itty bitty bit... Those that aren't killed by the A-side won't make it out alive during "Riptide." The song will grab you, take you under and not let you go. I'm hoping to see what happens when the Cincinnati Psyche Fest hits and how Flesh and The Devils are handled. They could play well with that scene and maybe even be a feature...

The members of this band all come from other Cincinnati punk-rock bands and are what I would call "lifers" In many ways Flesh and The Devils has an all-star line-up dream band. On this b/w big-hole 45rpm, you get just a taste of this band that I hope is just a beginning.


RIYL:Deadbolt, DMZ, Cynics, Garage Punk with a touch of surf-rock, Doc and The Pods,

MFJD: "You Can't Take Me Away"
Phoo credit? Not sure,