Sunday, May 11, 2014

"It Came from Cleveland" Opening Reception Rambling

It was a night of savagery. the Shrewdness Of Apes (SOA) Gallery in Covington Kentuckee or as some would call it, Kentucky or as still yet others would deem it Greater Cincinnati... Our mega-beast is stronger than your mega-beast... When those mega-beast go to battle, entire zones are destroyed... But let's let that be it's own seperate story.

T-Wray and I evade all savages in their multiple forms. Their aautomobiles are their steed, weapon and armor in one package. After all, we are a nation at war on multiple fronts. It's Friday evening and there's heavy traffic round the surviving liquor houses--which is sort of sad, beautiful and downright funny t timed. The remaining liquer stores which were much more in abundance then than they were thesedays. Looks like the gladiator pits have been busy and bloody too. 

Surviving is the new ________________

Eventually though, we find the  gallery... actually, we  passed it up a couple times... Inner Covington strikes me to be similar to Dayton Ohios Oregon District. Hey, there's Sugarcube Rcords! A loud screeching train comes by via elevated track about every 20 minutes or so like some form of ancient Aztek god of 'the end.' They call it Quetzalcoatl which isn't an item on Taco Bells Dollar Menu...Yet

I get drawn into the moment I suppose...

"Will we make it out of this labyrinth of gentrification alive?" I ask T-Wray. Let it go on the record that I believe in T-Wray and asking this question was not to doubt his ability or his skill, because , like I said, I believe in T-Wray.

"Yeah, I think so." He responds.

T-wray drops my crippled ass of in front of the gallery. I stand in n automotive grease spot while he parked the car we enter the gallery together. It was a small gallery packed with art of greater magnitude than SOA or the whatever gallery across the street could hold. Irony was thick. It was a clash of cultures. They the across the street carried their plastic glasses and entered SOA more than once too. I tried to worry them from the chair that T-Wray dragged out of SOA "There's a lot of Terror-art in there! You need anything, you just scream"

I heard no screams. Unfortunately.

So, me hat I'm trying to say is: the It Came from Cleveland show at SOA was amazing. I felt verily strongly that I had to be there despite my multiple reasons why good bruddies like T-Wray dragged a chair around for me. This was my first 'gallery' show not to diminish a 24 hour display at The 40 Watt Zoo (Electric Company) circa 2001...

I highly endorse the future efforts of the SOA Gallery.nit was packed wall-to-wall with something interesting everywhere you could turn. The room voted as if an orbiting solar system with the tub of canned booze as it's sun, the viewers as it's planets and the art as a universe. I believe SOA are still working to evolve more and more into a bohemian center of art and creativity. I asked to be included in more shows an I was assured a spot... SOA was about what art is all about, they were screaming the secret aloud; Art is what you want it to be so go and do it.

 L-R Timothy "T-Wray" Combs, Some street vagrant. photo by AB1

Gallery Window picture by AB1