Friday, February 14, 2014

Swamp Dogg Brings the Wild to You.

Swamp Dogg
"Total Destruction of Your Mind "

Up until Alive Records re-issued this release we, the adoring ever craving music listener, were subjected to you-tube videos and all the glory they transmitted piece by piece for initial exposure. Total Destruction of Your Mind is a verily empowering album that is packed with greatness from start to finish... I liken Swamp Dogg (aka Jerry Williams Jr.) hailing  originally from Portsmith Virginia as the blueprint for bands and musicians sticking to their guns (i.e. A Band Called Death*) despite what the music industry wants... It ultimately left up to Swamp Dogg and what he wanted to give. So, back then it may have seemed crazy and not understandable to turn down offers and suggestions of music industry represenatives to to dangle the carrot of commercial success in front of his face-- taunting him to compromise. In Swamp Doggs case, that so-called stubborness was a true blessing. Total Destruction  delivers one great track after another. Full of blues charged soul blastings with heartbreak, struggle, social commentary and that beautiful trademark charm and self-confidence shining like a sweat beaded brow. Its hard to listen to this album and wonder how in the fuck Total Destruction wasnt big from the start. This album is truly amazing... But hey, thats the music industry for ya though... I highly reccomend this album. It's a MUST listen! Music that you can use as a standard: If you dont like Swamp Dogg, well then I dont like you! Total Destruction sounds fresh and poignant today as Im sure it did in 1970. Now-a-days with the line of 'music industry threats' to rail against moving with the times  and changing its focus from one tired genre to another, there are timeless listens out there just now surfacing and blowing minds. Total Destrction is one of those listens.

RIYL: Otis Redding, Blues Brothers, Sly and The Fmily Stone, Soul Music, Blues,

MFJD: "Total Destruction to Your Mind". "Redneck". "Syntheic World".

*=Available on netflix