Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Brian McCabe Arrested by Deer Park Police


Chris "Yes I Dream in Melody" Balding (Sailing Stones + many) reports that "Soon there will be a Sailing Stones album called Wandering Through The Desert of Your Mind [and maybe tour]. The band is coming together with a newer member Harrison Franz... Among My friends I am more popular as HAT GOBLIN which are more improvised songs on the spot kind of..."


"Oh and I heard rumors the currator of the name hat goblin that former members of Smile Bomb and Fenrir will be playing together soon JFsebastian is a very out there dude just like me HAHAHA THIS IS MY EVIL VOICE GOODBYE AND GOODLUCK OR YOUR BONES I SHALL PLUCK!!!"

Yes... he said #bonefucking.

Brian McCabe (Homemade Drugs, Yows) reports: "I'm also trying to pick up the girl at the little Ceasers drive through but I can't decide what the sexiest pizza topping is."

If you ever watched Brian eat pizza you will understand how important this is to him.

Broken hearted Dylan McCartney (Mardou, Sleeves) states: "I'm going to quit writing/playing music and dedicate the rest of my life to abusing inhalants-- whipped cream bottles, stuff like that."

Well, at least that's something...

Unconfirmed reports from Deer Park suggest neighborhood bully circa 83-88 turned Police Chief Schlie has apprehended Brian McCabe for pooping in Bobby Shanesy's (Homemade Drugs)front yard. Bobby also states " I bought a shiny new drumset that is twice the size of the one I played. I've been practicing in 100x earth gravity and will emerge from the then winter in full on Neil Peart mode."

Jude "Rude" Noel has a new issue of HALF GIFTS available . George Dominick Feldick states "Jude Noel  is awesome!!! His zine is really rad. He suprised me by asking for an interview at my library show in January."

In related zine news: There is a zine-day planned this weekend at Soapbox Books and Zines on Feb.15. See my measles contribution below... Incidentally, my own zine BAD DAY AT THE PLASTIC MINES as temporarily been suspended due to circumstances not under my direct control. I'm shooting for a March or April date of re-inception.

Centsless Productions has released The Grass Cross from Grow Horns. Reviewed previously on Thwart.