Friday, December 27, 2013

Who Thwarted?

We were sitting on a church pew watching what would end up being not only an 80's cover band load-in but one that would admittingly be declared the 'real heroes' of the night. 'We' meaning myself and 3/4 of The Buffalo Killers (TBK's).... Yeah, the are a three piece now. The new guy, Sven (or is it 'Spin'?--I used both and he answered, but I sorta settled on Sven) is, as Zach would promise, cool. Joseph and Andy rounded out the 'we' sitting watching that band that would play all night long, load-in.

We were approached by a tall slender lady fashionally dressed that was already tall before she put on the high heels. Damn near towering. 

"Are you all in the band Buffalo Killers?"

"Yeah. I play guitar" said Andy passing to Sven.

Her name was Kathy. Sven said his position in TBK and passes to Joey. Joey exchanged formalities and passed to me. 

"I'm... not in the band... I 'play' the blog. I'm an embedded journalist with the band. My name is Shawn"

I then shook her hand while TBK laughed.

"Oh! I do a blog too!" Said Kathy. "What's your blog called?"

"Thwart" I said.

"Can you repeat that?"


She turned her head and asked me again to repeat myself. I knew why. It's the same reason I ultimately chose Thwart as a blog name. I raised my voice and emphasized the name so she could fully understand me


"Oh, Thwart!" She laughed along with Andy, Joey and Sven. "I thought you said... Something else"

"I know... you thought I said my blog was called 'Fart' and that's one of the main reasons I chose Thwart as a blog name. Immediate double-take cause everyone thinks you said fart. What's your blog called?" I asked back. Amazingly enough, I never run into 'bloggers' so this was a first for me.

"My blogs called KATHY'S BLOG" she said. I asked her to repeat herself. Yep, Kathy's Blog. I didn't get it wrong or anything.

There was a lull for a moment. Silence. The only sound being the sound of the band loading in.

"That names cool too..." I said

Watch for more THWART coverage of The Buffalo Killers in the next few days about one of their Southgate a House a Revival shows. This is but a prelude of that night.