Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Art of Mike Altman at Habanero Restaurant in December

This month you can catch Artist Mike Altman's work 
at Cincinnati Restaurant Habanero Latin Flare 
in Clifton (Gas Light District)

Questions by Thwart
Answers by Mike Altman

What initially inspired you to pursue making art? 
I have always known that I wanted to be an artist...

I never said policeman or fireman, or male nurse 
when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up
...still working on that growing up thing.

Can you further explain the decision 
you make using recycled materials?

The cardboard is a two-prong initiative. 1- the green factor, 
the cardboard would eventually cost us as a people
 who live on this planet, either by ending up in a dump 
or even if recycled, using 
energy to do so.

How did you attain the cardboard for your works 
at Habanero or in general? Those are some 
big pieces of cardboard.

Dumpsters, trash after someone
 buys a flat screen, new fridge or sofa.

The pieces you are showing at your
 recent Habanero exhibit seem playful 
and project a certain level of innocence. 
What feelings do you wish your 
art to convey? Do you have a ‘theme’?

I like to make people smile. 
Fun colorful work seems to accomplish that.

Where else have you displayed your art?

Indiana, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania,
 Tennessee, New York, and my mom's fridge door

Any future showings lined up?

A show in Indianapolis on Jan 3 at the 
Murphy Art Center in the upland brewery 
gallery space (one night only)

How do you measure success?

Integrity, consistency of faith 
and a happy wife and kids

Any last words you want everyone
 to know about you and/or your work? 
Last statements?

Check out my website for some more pics and 
contact info, and I also have a facebook 
page that you can post work to 
after you have purchased from me.

I would like to, in the name of Habanero,
 ask what your favorite menu item is 
and what you like about Habanero...

2 Dollar Taco Tuesday keeps me coming back… 
The people of Habaneros are great. 
The relationship with art and artists 
is uncommon for a food joint...