Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Matt Kish Looking into a Heart of Darkness

There is no great secret that Im a fan of the movie Apocalypse Now. I've watched it maybe too many times that I will freely admit, but as Author and friend John Burris explained to me how it was based on a book called Heart of Darkness by a feller named Joseph Conrad... Then as serendipitous as possible as II was approaching the check out register at Shake It Records and noticed a new illustrated version of the book being spot lit as a 'staff pick'... Well, let's just say that one and one equaled mine.

As I would learn more about the Dayton Ohio based illustrator Matt Kish via social-media and later at a presentation hosted by Joseph Beth Booksellers, I would also find a new compatriot and peer in Matt who naturally AND humorously kept referring to 'Apocalypse Now' in place of 'Heart of Darkness'.

After a verily inspiring presentation explaining his drive, method and place in the order of being a published artist, he signed each book with a personal message as well as with a one of a kind sketch.

Below I have in.cluded pictures of the signing and link to learn more fab out Joseph Conrad. You can find your copy of Heart of Darkness as I did at Shake It Records and/or get signed copies with the individual sketches/signatures I explained, are available at Joseph Beth Booksellers.

Special thanks to Shake It Records' Joe Kuth for keeping me in the know.

Meeting Matt Kish at Joseph Beth Booksellers.
My personal signed/sketched copy.
Joseph Conrad