Monday, November 25, 2013

Lo Fi City Volume One: Hear the Queen Shitty Roar

Did you fart or do I smell Chicken?*

Welcome to Lo Fi City. Resistance is futile.

Somewhat rushed for last minute free distribution at the Second [Annual] Northside Record Fair, Lo Fi City Volume One not only surprises me in its range and diversity but also the unifying factor that brings this project together as a group. Despite my controversial-but independent re-opening of the cold case investigation concearning the student on student novelty pencil anus penetration on a a West Chester [Lakota] school bus-- I have stumbled upon a group of newcomers to the ever growing Cincinnati Music scene with the interesting common denominator being their point of origin: West Chester. Now that same group has an identity and soon to be electronic pressence known as Lo Fi City. 

Reeking instantly of the Dangerhouse compilations from the early 90's, the Lo Fi bunch had grown up not only penetrating each other's orrifices with school supplies but kept their tape decks active with that whole grunge thing as well as (I suspect) listens of Pixies, Beat Happening and Sonic Youth. From the same minds behind such great local bands as Homemade Drugs, Dinosaurs and Thunder and Little Trees and many others (still figuring out the whole thing myself-a totally separate investigation). Lo Fi City Volume One features 10 tracks ripe with splatterings from folkish indie punk to dissonant full on art-punk ragers. Every track is high-point after high-point and no sooner does this compilation start playing than poof! -its all over. Lo Fi City Volume One leaves you going thru the motions of hitting replay or, put into olde tyme ancient late 80's/early 90's terms, flipping the tape over. 

Despite its rush as a giveaway, there's an imminent bandcamp page coming soon where you will be able to feast on these tracks yourself.  In fact, I rushed this coverage of Lo Fi Volume One out front, ahead of that page. I want you to hear it here, from THWART, first... This is good shit. Beautifuly good shit... Novelty pencil (eraser tip) kind of shit and it smells amazing. I recommend this and cant wait to see where this project goes. Hopefully, not in the shitter and yes, I mean that-- this time-- exactly how it sounds.

*Yes, it was chicken after all.