Thursday, July 18, 2013

15 Year Old Zinester Re-Inspires ex-Zinester Twice His Age

Issue #1
In conjunction with my reading of my poem "A Wolf Crying Wolf" at July 19th's Northside Tavern Show Dinosaurs & Thunder, Old City and Mardou, I unleash an all-new publication limited to 99 hand numbered copies (on dehydrated piss-yellow paper) that is directly inspired by Jude Noels HALF-GIFTS Zine/Blog. In doing a back and forth interview over facebook and the plans I had to do a chapbook I was/am calling TESTING, I found out I really miss publishing a serial/semi-regular zine... So Jude has inspired me to correct that...

The zine is called BAD DAY AT THE PLASTIC MINES.

The first primiear issue features the poem "A Wolf Crying Wolf". Many "fans" of The Neus Subjex will find familiarity with my chosen format, one tri-folded sheet. I have a suggested price for each copy of $1.00 but I'm flexible with that. I will offer copies available via mail if you send me a SASE.

I'm gonna stick with this now classic format for a bit I think and the limited print-runs of 99 copies... As for coverage, frequency or any thing else, I'm not sure... I will figure that out as I come to it. In no ways is Bad Day a 'poetry' zine... Yet... I'm not sure what I will do but I will figure it out.

At July 19th's show, I'm only taking 25 copies with me. I will offer any copy for $1.00 but will trade cigarettes, beers, marijuana roaches, mixed drinks, coupons or whatever else in barter. Just ask, lets make a deal.

For now, Bad Day At The Plastic Mines will not be available in any stores for purchase or any zine distro's for purchase. Its available from me and my hands. I have an idea to offer free electronic versions possibly, haven't figured that out yet.

This is fun to me again, after all these years. I met Jude via The Socials and Centaless Productions. Jude is a real straight shooter. Great writer, great dude. The most any zinester could wish for is to inspire something new... Jude has inspired me despite the fact I'm his parents age (or maybe a bit older.)

That is what DIY Punk-rock is all about.

Want  a copy? get address HERE